Intramuscular Injection with Antique Syringe

Here I IM injectable lorazepam with a glass 1930’s antique syringe! I’ve always wanted to inject with one of these. Although it wasn’t intravenous, I still think it counts! it was quite painful, I have to admit. The blade, though never used and still in its original wrapper, was very dull and painful. But it’s cool knowing I’m probably only one of a few people in the world who has ever actually used one of these for a practical purpose.




6 thoughts on “Intramuscular Injection with Antique Syringe

  1. it was NOT the standard any edge goes blunt over time and has to be re sharpened on a whet stone the needle is no different. there are even contraptions for sharpening them and they will be equal or better than plastic disposable type!


  2. LOL! It was definitely a brute to inject with. It was a brand new fresh needle point, but still so dull! I can’t believe that was the standard back in the day. My face at the end when I remove it pretty much explains exactly how it felt haha 🙂


  3. It’s “Sweetest Perfection” by Depeche Mode. It’s the demo version I believe. It’s one of my favorites. So hauntingly beautiful. You can download it from my Ultimate Junky Playlist page in the music section up above. Here’s the link to make it even easier for you 🙂 The download link is at the bottom of the blog. Enjoy!


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