Video! Smoking a Water Bong

My latest blog series developed almost accidentally. At first, I really only posted injection videos, because they were so much harder to find on the web. But there are far more smokers than there are injectors, even among heroin users and lately I’ve received quite a few requests for smoking videos for a variety of drugs. Soon a collection started to emerge, and I have to admit, it’s been a lot of fun! So far we’ve seen Chasing the Dragon, Smoking a Pookie, Hot Rails! and now the latest edition… Smoking a Meth Water Bong!

A water bong designed for methamphetamine is slightly different than a marijuana bong, but not too much. It’s slightly smaller, uses a lot less water and generally comes in multiple parts so you can adjust it for the best suction possible. There are many varieties of bongs that fit together in a variety of ways. Some attach your regular “oil burner” or pookie for the bowl. Some use custom bowls that slip into the body of the bong, basically the same way a marijuana bong does. There are different pieces you can buy that help improve air-tightness and suction. You just have to learn the idiosyncrasies of your own device. Tape is commonly used to make all the pieces fit snugly together so that your bong air-tight. You can use electrical tape, but they actually sell tape that is specifically designed for adjusting bongs. It’s awesome and works like a charm. Check around your local smoke shops; you’re bound to find some!

The water in a meth bong should be just about as low as possible. In my bong there are tiny holes at the base of the stem that goes down the center of the bong to the base. The water should be just high enough to cover the aerating holes but not too high that it can be sucked up to the top of the bong and get sucked into your mouth or mouth piece. Some bongs can be really small, so this is definitely something you need to watch for.

Diagram of Meth Water Bong
How a Meth Water Bong Works

When shopping for a bong, finding one that is a good thickness is crucial (I also think the aerating holes are too, but that’s personal opinion). In order to take advantage of all the bong has to offer, you want to be able to take super large hits. That means heating the glass and oil to extremely high temperatures. I personal can’t stand using a regular lighter when smoking meth from any glass piece. I don’t like the carbon that covers the bottom of the pipe. It gets everywhere and needs constant cleaning. But more importantly, I don’t like the way it tastes. Using a torch eliminates this problem. However, it does burn the oil up faster than a regular lighter. A Bic will help your product last longer, if you don’t mind the carbon side effects. Some people have said taking long inhales wastes the meth by making in stick to the side of the glass. But don’t paid heed. The loss is minuscule. It’s nothing to concern yourself with. Save it all up for a month and you wouldn’t even have one good hit. One of my favorite things about the bong is the size of the smoke clouds it can produce. I’m not concerned about loosing a micro amount that would barely be noticed.

However, a lot of meth does find its way to the water at the bottom of the bong. But do not despair my tweaker friends!! This water does not resemble the putrid bong water that builds up in the bottom of your weed bong. This water can be re-purposed in a variety of ways so that you don’t waste a drop. Yes, my fellow injectors, as I’m sure you have already guessed, you can slam meth bong water, with surprising good results!  Depending on the age of the water and how frequently you smoke, it can easily be as strong as a fresh shot. But if you don’t inject, there are still ways to get that precious drug out of the water and into your body. First, you can drink it. The oral bioavailability of meth is extremely high, 90%, much higher than smoking it in the first place. But if you are a died in the wool smoker, you can make that work too. All you have to do is add about a milliliter or two of re-purposed bong water (depending on the size of the bowl) into the bowl at a time. Apply gentle heat to the bowl, just enough to slowly boil off the water, but not so hot that it boils all the meth away. It can take a little time and patience, and if you don’t have water that’s been soaking up meth residue for a while, it might not produce the largest yield, but meth it will become one way or another. It’s a great trick when you’re all out and you just found out your guy’s out of town till the next day and you can’t seem to reach anyone else on the phone (like it always seems to happen in an emergency situation).

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One more water tip… I would suggest keeping the water cool when you can. Some people use ice. I like ice. Just don’t use too much to raise your water levels. You can also use iced tea or Koolaid or really any flavorful liquid you like. It adds a little variety to the smoking ritual and you can play around with flavors you like. But if you do choose to experiment, make a note to change the water more frequently and not let the meth build up for future use. Sugar can promote bacteria and you wouldn’t want to inject or even drink meth water that might be contaminated!

Speaking of taste, another great thing about water bong is that it actually works as a filter when someone (we all know who you are, chronic pipe burners!) burns the meth, the water filters out the nasty tasty after you cool it down and blow out what you can. It’s much more forgiving than a pookie and will help you keep your temper when you best friends ruins the bowl before you got to smoke it! 🙂

There are a couple of tricks to smoking water bongs that are going to vary depending on your piece, but basically they work the same. Mine does not have a carb like you might be used to from a weed bong. Nor do you pull the stem out for your finally inhale. Just suck extra hard and try to get as much smoke into your lungs as possible during your hit. You melt the oil the same way you would an oil pipe, except you don’t have to worry about twisting it nearly as much. You want to heat the bottom of the bowl until the product melts and smoke starts to swirl around the bowl. Then inhale from the mouth piece and take in as much smoke as you can. Ideally, you want the product to heat up and cool down as quickly as possibly, to limit the chance of burning and wasting more than necessary. Smoking in general is a very wasteful RoA. Your job is to limit the amount of waste as much as possible. Use a wet towel  to cool off the bottom of the bowl when you are done smoking to stop the meth from continuing to cook. Or just blow out the smoke to cool it off and solidify the oil. You’ll find the bowl last much longer that way without being burned. The torch also help heat the product for the shortest amount of time. But you do have to be skilled at heating it quickly, without burning it. It does take some practice. I have many friends who just don’t trust themselves with torches and only use regular lighters because it’s much harder to burn the bowl with one and you don’t piss everybody off all your friends, lol.  Just do what you feel comfortable with. But please, people, use a wet towel to clean the bowl before passing it on! Much thx in advance! 🙂

Alright, that’s my little intro on how to correctly use a water bong to smoke crystal methamphetamine. As I mentioned earlier, there are many types of bongs and everyone has their own preference on how to use them. But those are the basics and how I prefer to use my bong…. As I will demonstrate in this forthcoming video you have the privilege to view, haha j/k 🙂 Actually this is the video I made in a quite a few months, so it got me pretty excited and I proceeded to film at least two more smoking videos with other instruments and a few injections videos as well. Unfortunately, I left the SD card I stored some of the injection footage on in the tablet I returned a couple of days ago! I need that back! I’m sure the people who are lucky enough to get it next are not going to be thrilled about the “bonus” content! Hopefully it’s not a gift for someone’s kid, lol. Awwww…. Damn it. I’m going to go see if I can get that back tomorrow. It was mine after all.

Anyway, it’s video time! Hopefully this will be the first in a bunch of new videos I post. Let me know if you have any requests or suggestions! So far a bunch of people have asked for weed smoking videos, and I got one MDMA hot rail requests. Which I have actually done before, but I thought it was a pretty creative request! (It works very well, by the way. Didn’t want to keep you in suspense till I finally get around to it!) But until then… I hope you enjoy…. Smoking Crystal Methamphetamine from a Water Bong!