Hot Rails!

Question: Have you ever smoked meth using a hot [r]ail? It looks likes very cool, I saw it in a youtube video. You lay a line out heat one end of the glass tube then snort the smoke. If you have can you explain about it.

Answer: In a word, yes! I love hot railing. When I was quitting meth, rather than quit cold turkey, I decided to stop injecting first. But when you’ve only injected meth and then start smoking it, it’s completely and utterly disappointing. It’s not even the same drug. I could smoke all day long and still go to bed early. But I found that hot railing delivered a pretty powerful punch that would get me through the day. So I started every day off with a hot rail, rather than resorting to the pookie. (*Note: rectal administration is really the next best method next to mainlining, with a bioavailability of 99%. But when it’s awkward to lie down for 20 minutes in front of a bunch of roommates or people who are all questioning what you’re doing just lying there, I’ll take a hot rail in it’s place).

The idea behind a hot rail is that you cut a line of meth similar to if you were going to insufflate it. But rather that simply snort it up your nose, (which as we all know results in a significant amount of pain and agony) you heat one end of a glass tube red hot, place that end above the line of meth and inhale with your nose through the other end. The heat from the tube vaporizes the meth, turning it into smoke, which you will inhale through your nose and then exhale the smoke out through your mouth. It’s a pretty cool little trick and it’s fun to do. Just remember to cut the lines of meth out on something glass so that it doesn’t melt onto a wood surface or something like that.

To demonstrate, I have this little video so you can accurately picture what I’m talking about.


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