Drug Porn

Here’s a collection of pictures I’ve used in this blog, as well as some others that I like. It’s kinda like a pintrest page for my blog!



6 thoughts on “Drug Porn

  1. I did use the Silk Road back then, my first purchase was April 2011. A bitcoin was .80 cents, I bought a few hundred dollars worth the first few times. Man I wish I had that investment now! haha. My very first purchase was a vile of acid and the seller didnt even want to use bitcoin, but requested paypal instead, lol. Very different times. I haven’t been able to buy a lot recently either. but I have used Agora a couple of times. They worked good for me. I would recommend them.


  2. Did you use silk road back in 2012? Remember when supremesmoke shipped that crazy good rock H- that was the best H I’ve ever tried! Just looking for someone to be nostalgic with. I haven’t used deep web for shopping in a while, is there a site / sites you recommend?

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  3. I would never be offended by a comment like that! Thank you for being concerned! I actually don’t do that much anymore. There were times I had a 3 gram a day habit, but over the last year I’ve slowed down significantly. I do well less than a half g a day now. And I incorporate smoking more now than I ever had. And I muscle a lot when my veins are just too torn up. So I don’t use as much as it may seem from the blog. For a while I was down to a dub a day or less and no IVing at all. But I’ve gone up slightly, due to the enormous amount of stress going on in my life right now, although I know that’s not a good excuse, lol. However, even in my heaviest using days, not once in the 20 years I’ve been using have I ever gone out. I’ve got a Zero OD record, which I think it pretty good. I always do small shots if I’m unclear of the potency. I have a theory that everyone knows when they are about to do a shot that is too big. And while that might be a little harsh and not really true with junk of unknown strength, basically, you do know when you’re make a big shot. So despite the temptation to keep chasing the high, I never increase the size of my shots. It’s worked well for me thus far; I’m still alive. 🙂 But thank you for being concerned, it’s always good to be reminded and to know that people care. I understand the mixed feelings on the blog. It’s not really supposed to be a pro-heroin blog, although I know people have said that’s the way it comes across, but a blog to help people who are going to do it anyway, do it safer. That’s one of my intentions anyway, I’ve got lots of reasons for this blog. Always feel free to drop in a comment! I’d love to hear from you and see how your forced sobriety is going. It’s nice to see that your friend took the unfortunate incident so seriously.

    Peace, Love & Rock ‘n Roll

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  4. Hey lady
    Just took a walk through the imgs. I haven’t seen Oc 80s in for ever. I’d love to find a bag of those. I was sniffing those before I iv. I love the blog so far. Little mixed on my stance frankly. I’ve been clean for weeks. After my dealer shut down due to one of his customers oding. He was a good friend of mine. So clean not by choice. Mostly. Hahaha. I even tried cl and due to the epidemic nobody’s fucking around like that. Anyways I hope maybe you’ll at least slow down. Just don’t od. I’m not trying to preach. Sorry. Lost to many people round here


  5. Hey there! Thanks for breaking out of your comfort zone and reading my blog! I’m glad you found me! It sounds like we have a lot in common. There seems to have always been some sort of symbiosis between heroin use and writing. Lots of us “lost artist” types out there, lol  I love doing collaborations and partnerships. Did you have anything specific in mind or do you just want to brain storm? Hit me up on Google or email me… deemsterdiva@gmail.com. Here’s my facebook page too. I looked you up but didn’t find too much about your writing. Don’t worry, we still have the protection of the vast World Wide Web to keep our human contact as distant and removed as possible. But I’m glad you listened to the universe. We never know what great things are spurred just by being a little more in tune to our surroundings and following a hutch to do something we normally wouldn’t. It seems like the universe might have big plans for us 😉
    What kind of writing do you do mostly? Do you have pet projects you’re working on? I’ve got two books in various, pathetic degrees of progress right now. I need motivation to kick my ass in gear! Lol. Looking forward to hearing more about your work! D_D


  6. Whoa, do you do like. collaboratives or anything? Or even just respond to strangers? I don’t usually read other people’s blogs but I just toked back a few points of black tar and stumbled upon your blog. Haven’t dived in yet but the subject matter looks juicy just like a fresh bag.. of stories ready to inject into my memory. I’m pretty bloggy too but I haven’t gotten to updating mine much lately; thanks for reminding me – I got this gear so I could fix up and get back to writing.
    hit me up on facebook if you wanna talk dope or writing! https://www.facebook.com/shizzmynizz
    and btw this is very spontaneous, I never talk to strangers on the web because I generally try to avoid human conact but the universe was basically shouting at me to say hi to you. so, hi. get back at meh if the universe wills it!

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