Pictures of Me

Just a collection of pictures of me 🙂

And if that ain’t enough pictures for ya… Here’s my YouTube playlist filled with short clips of me!

And of course, my wonderful collection of sox!

And Sock Junk II


6 thoughts on “Pictures of Me

  1. I thought i was the only one that documented their drug use (particularly IV injections) and always had mixed feelings about my motives. I also wonder what people would think if i OD’d in a video and that led everyone to find the rest of my “straight forward” using videos!! LOL I guess I know I’ll appreciate the videos better 10 years from now when I’m clean, dead, or just more advanced. haha


  2. Heroin, heroin, heroin, heroin heroin. I married to heroin. She’s my wife for life, but meth… meth is my clandestine lover that I try to keep secret from the rest of the world most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, she’s sexy and I love her. But she has to know her place 😉 Glad you like my blog (my wordpress blog that is!)


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