The Ultimate Tweaker Playlist

I couldn’t leave my fellow tweakers without a playlist of their very own. It just wouldn’t be right. We might have a bad rap out there in the cold, cruel world, but in this blog you’re warmly welcomed and appreciated (just don’t steal any of my stuff, damn it!) The Ultimate Tweaker playlist pays tribute to one of the most powerful drugs available, Crystal Methamphetamine, and it’s users – you lovable tweakers. So take a seat (if you can manage sitting still), smoke a bowl, have a line, booty bump or inject your favorite drug of choice and take a listen to The Ultimate Tweaker Playlist. I promise, there’s no one you have to watch for out the corner of your window, so relax and enjoy!

And in case you can’t sit through the whole thing and want to listen to it on your own time, I’ve made the files available for download. You can find them HERE. Don’t ever say I never gave you anything!


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Tweaker Playlist

  1. “I don’t eat, I don’t sleep
    All I do is tweak an’ geek
    And shake that bottle, I shake that bottle…
    What I’m try’na tell ya homie it ain’t no joke, man I got some fire dope
    Cookin’ In my bottle, I shake my bottle…”


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