The Ultimate Junky Playlist

You might have seen this one from a previous post. The Ultimate Heroin Playlist. The 28 best songs by junkies, for junkies. I’ll bet there are some songs in here you haven’t even heard! I don’t include music I don’t like, so yeah, it’s not a comprehensive list. It’s a selective, VIP, best songs only list 😉

Here’s the playlist for your review:

Pink Flyod
Lou Reed

1. A Junky’s Laments – James Taylor
2. Carmelita – Warren Zevon
3. Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
4. Sister Morphine – The Rolling Stones
5. Dumb – Nirvana
6. Goodnight Ladies – Lou Reed
7. Heroin – Moving Castle

8. Mind of a Junkie – Anders Osborn
9. Heroin She Said – Wolfsheim
jolie_holland10. Cod’ine – Buffy Sainte Marie
11. Heroin – Lou Reed
12. Junkies Prayer – Steve Hodak ( Written by Johnny Cash)
13. Junky Valentine – Rocco DeLuca
14. Needle and Spoon – Savoy Brown
15. Not if Your The Last Junky on Earth – The Dandy Warhols
16. Old Fashion Morphine – Jolie Holland
17. Black Tar – Anders Osborn
18. Pool Shark – Sublimeneil-young-waging-peace-book-jacket
19. Red Balloon – Tim Hardin
20. Coming Down Again – Keith Richards
21. Street Hassle – Lou Reed
22. Sweetest Perfection – Depeche Mode
23. The Needle and The Damage Done – Neil Young
24. The Needle And The Spoon – Lynyrd Skynyrd
25. Cigarettes and Heroin – Cranford Nix
26. Heroin Song – Smack Anthem
27. Perfect Day – Lou Reed
28. Mainliner – Second Hand

29. Needle in the Hay – Elliot Smith

30. My Congressman – Jeff Ott (Fifteen)

For a less selective playlist of heroin songs, check out this playlist. Every song I can think of regarding heroin. Let me know if there is a good one I’m missing!

And since I like you guys so much, here are the audio files for The Ultimate Junky Playlist – available to download. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Junky Playlist – Download on MediaFire


8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Junky Playlist

  1. no dollface, the miles album ‘kind of blue’, and everything Elliott Smith recorded. Like ‘some song’. you’ll like that.


  2. Are you recommending a song? Or the Miles Davis album Kind of Blue and Elliot Smith, as in his general body of work? Just want to make sure because it sounded to me at first like you were talking about a song called Kind of Blue by Elliot Smith, but I tried looking that up since I never heard of it, and I can’t find it anywhere. haha. Just want to make sure I’m understanding you right 🙂


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