The Ultimate Cocaine Playlist

This blog might be primarily about heroin, but let’s face it… we’re all poly-drug users. And if a speedball were a drug in and of itself, it would take heroin’s place as my most favoritest drug (non-psychedelic) in the world. So today it’s cocaine’s time to shine! Cut up a line (like Eric Clapton), put another rock on the pipe (like Whitney Huston), or fill your syringe (like Sigmund Freud) and turn up the volume on the Ultimate Cocaine Playlist. I’ve made it available on my Youtube channel for internet streaming. But if you really like the songs, you can download them all from my Mediafire account. Hope you enjoy! And if you know a song about cocaine that just needs to be on this list, please send it over! All four collections are always open for improvement!

In alphabetical order, here are the tracks included in “The Ultimate Cocaine Playlist”:

  1. Ayo for Yayo – Andre Nickatina & San Quinn
  2. Bales of Cocaine – Reverend Horton
  3. Black Betty – ZZ Top
  4. Cocaine – Deep Dish
  5. Cocaine – Dick Justice
  6. Cocaine – DJ Pavo & DJ Zany
  7. Cocaine – Eric Clapton
  8. Cocaine – Hoyt Axton
  9. Cocaine – Nomy
  10. Cocaine – UGK
  11. Cocaine Blue by Dave Van Ronk
  12. Cocaine Blues – Johnny Cash
  13. Cocaine Blues – Luke Jordan
  14. Cocaine Blues – Nick Drake
  15. Cocaine is My Girlfriend – Gucci Mane
  16. Coke Like the 80’s – Rick Ross
  17. Coke Time – DreBuchanan
  18. Good Cocaine – Smack
  19. Heroin and Cocaine – The Tiger Lillies
  20. Life in the Fast Lane – Eagles
  21. Love Coca – Honey Cocaine
  22. No Thing on Me – Curtis Mayfield
  23. Pure Cocaine – Gucci Mane
  24. That Smell – Lynard Skynard
  25. Truckin’ – Grateful Dead
  26. Uncle Jonny – The Killers
  27. Wacky Dust – Ella Fitzgerald
  28. White Lines – Grandmaster Flash
  29. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

Here is the Mediafire link to download the tracks directly, so you can listen to them over and over and over again without wasting annoying time buffering.

Hope you enjoy!  Any feedback is welcome. Stay high, my friends 🙂