Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll Quiz!

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll?? That’s right up my alley! Feel free to answer the quiz on your own too! It’s a fun way to kill 15 minutes


1. How many times have you had sex?
For real? How could I possibly answer that question. I’m 34, starting having sex at 16, have had 7 serious relations, and between them filled the gaps with countless lovers, one night stands, and regretful drunken flings

2. Is sex really important to you in a relationship?
It’s extremely important to me. When I start a relationship, the sex needs to be almost daily. But it can taper off a bit as the relationship settles in. Although, it still better remain frequent and passionate. Otherwise, there is no relationship. You are just friends without the sex.

3. Do you like to have sex with people of the same sex, or the opposite sex?
I like both. I’ve had lots of lesbian lovers, and committed relationships. Although the majority of my partners have been men

4. How was the first time you had sex [details if you don’t mind]?
It wasn’t bad at all. Of course, it was fairly short. But we had been high school sweethearts for a year by the time we lost our virginity to each other. I was primed, since we had lots and lots of finger play before then. So it never hurt. I remember there was a nice euphoria after, although the sex itself wasn’t mind blowing. But by the 3rd of 4th time, we started to get the grove and it got pretty damn good.

5. How many different positions have you tried?
Countless numbers.

6. And how many different places have you done it?
Again countless numbers – every room in the house of course. Parents beds. The beach, on boats, camping. A hockey game. At bars. At parties. The list goes on.

7. How long does sex usually last for you?
Depends on the circumstances (how many drugs are we both on is a big factor). But probably about 20-30 minutes. I did have one boyfriend who consistently lasted hours. That was too much to handle. (so was the size of his member, lol)

8. Ever worry about getting caught?
When I was younger. Not now.

9. Have you ever been caught?
I’ve had sex in front of people, but that’s not actually getting caught I guess. No, not in the act. I got caught when people found out later though.

10. What position do you like best [don’t be shy!]?
I love doggie, and cowgirl.

11. Why is sex better rough?
There is an animalistic feel to it. Like you are breaking all the rules of conventional society and behaving with your cardinal instincts. And as a female, I love the feeling of being completely dominated


1. How many different types of drugs have you done [list them]? Ha, I don’t know if I can list them all, but I will give it a try, lumping some together in categories.
Various other Opiate prescription drugs
Mushrooms (many varieties)
2C-Family (2c-I, 2c-b, 2c-e, etc, etc, etc…)
Benzo’s – Xanax, Temazepam, Klonopin, etc…
Nitrous Oxide
MDMA (ecstasy pills, molly)
I’m sure there are more, including RC’s, but I can’t think of them all right now

2. How many different types of alcohol have you drank?
Jeeze, again, too many to list
Rum (light, dark, coconut, etc)
Vodka (lots of flavors)
Wine Coolers
I don’t even want to go on…

3. How was your first time getting drunk/high?
First time was fun. I drank vodka straight up.

4. Do you prefer drugs or alcohol?
Drugs a hundred times over

5. What is your favorite drug?
Hard to choose a favorite. But Heroin, LSD, DMT and Pot certainly top the list. Although I’ve had abuse problems with almost every drug I’ve tried including sever problems with Meth, Coke Benzo’s and Ecstasy.

6. Have you ever been to a rave?

7. Do you take any prescription drugs [for medical reasons or not]?
Yep, all the time. For medical use (anti-depressants, amphetamine, benzo’s, soma, birth control) and have taken tons recreationally.

8. Do the parties you go to generally have drugs/alcohol?
Yes. All of them.

9. Have you ever tried IVing drugs?
Yes, I almost exclusively IV any drug possible. Heroin, Meth, Coke, I’ve love IVing LSD, and have tried MDMA among other drugs.

9. Are you a social drinker/smoker?
I’m a daily smoker and a social drinker now. Although there have been times where some would call me a raging alcoholic. Since I do junk daily (along with pot) I don’t drink daily anymore. Very rarely actually.

10. Is anyone in your family an alcoholic/drug addict?
Yes, many people in my family have been alcoholics.

13. Are you addicted to any drugs? Or have you been?
Yes, I’m addicted to heroin (I’m a junky), Crystal Methamphetamine (and a tweaker) and Cigarettes. I’ve considered myself addicted to other drugs in the past, and I was addicted to them. But nothing compares to the hold that junk and meth can have on you. They make all other addictions pale in comparison (besides alcohol)

12. Been to rehab?
No, I’m not ready to quit yet. Although I was able to stop a raging meth problem 2 times on my own. I also go o NA meeting and see a therapist at the Needle Exchange.


1. Who is your favorite band?
Phish, hands down. But the Disco Biscuits aren’t far behind.

2. Do prefer rock to rap?
Yes. I’m a Rock ‘n Roll girl.

3. What was the last concert you went to?
Phish at the Hollywood Bowl.

4. How much money would you pay to see your favorite band perform live [I mean you’d have front row seats and all that]?
I’ve paid over $350 per ticket to see Phish. Probably a little more than that for some shows. And they were never front row seats!

5. Do you have any band tees? Which ones?
Many Phish shirts, multiple Grateful Dead, Janes Addiction haha. I’ll definitely get t-shirts for STS9 and The Disco Biscuits too.

6. Do you sing along to songs all the time?
All the time.

7. Are you a music junkie?
Absolutely! I’m the definition of a music junky.

8. Who is your favorite old rock star?
David Byrne

9. What is your favorite movie involving rock music?
This is Spinal Tap

10. Would you ever be in a band?
I was in lots of bands earlier in life, including a jazz band. I played piano.

11. How many shows do you go to in a year?
There have been years I’ve seen close to 50 shows a year, if not more. An average year, I still see over 30 probably.

All of ‘em together

1. Why do people associate the three of these things together?
The obviously go hand in hand. You take lots of drugs at shows, then you get horny on the drugs, listening to mind blowing music and go have sex after the show.

2. Out of the three which is your favorite?
Can’t choose one. I couldn’t live without music though. Or sex for that matter. I could live without drugs, but I don’t want to.

3. Would you give up the other two to have a lot of the other one?
I have struck a very nice balance. So I am not going to give up any of them.

4. Ever associate them together yourself [ex: sex with music]?
Of course, as I mentioned, they go hand in hand.

5. Do you have any advice on getting into any of the three?
Just experiment with new things. Listen to music you’ve never heard before, try a new position between the sheets. And don’t be scared of new drugs, if you want to try them. But don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to!


One thought on “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll Quiz!

  1. 4. How was the first time you had sex

    I was on loads (LOADS) of amphetamine, valium, had done 96 canisters of nitrous, the female had done almost the same, we were both passing out, forgetting what we were doing, don’t think we actually managed penetration, haha!

    6. And how many different places have you done it?
    Too many to count, I like the thrill of of doing it in open places, of being able to easily be caught

    8. Ever worry about getting caught?
    Nope, I like the thrill of it

    9. Ever been caught?
    Plenty of times, had sex in the same room as other people (People who are usually sleeping, or at least trying to) countless times

    1. How many different types of drugs have you done [list them]?
    Due to being prescribed for chronic pain:
    Co-Codamol (Age 15)
    Tramadol (Age 15)
    Dyhydrocodeine (Age 16)
    Subutext patches alongside codeine (Age 16 – 17)
    Amiltryptaline (Age 17)

    Fly Agaric
    2cb, 2ci, 2ce
    25i, 25c, 25B
    Subutex (Pills, snorted)
    4-FA, 3-FPM, oldschool Benzedrine, Desoxypipradol
    A-PvP, A-PhP, MDPV

    Can’t be assed to carry on…

    Favourtie drug?
    Crack cocaine, heroin, DMT, mushrooms, Ketamine, PCP

    Rock of rap?
    Depends, I love golden era hip-hop (Smif n Wessun, Wu Tang, Jamericans, Black Moon, Sonz of Man, Poetic, etc) but also love a lot of rock, I’m mainly a trad folk (1930s – 1960s) and folk revival fan

    Sorry I’ve a short attention span


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