Name that Drug!

You may have played the first version of my my game, Name That Drug! But now there’s a new and improved version, and it’s much more challenging. Don’t worry, I know with all the drug knowledge you’ve got stored away in your brain, you’ll have no problem acing this little trivia game. Get 27 out of 27 right and I’ll consider you a Master of Illegal Narcotics! If you do well, post your score in the comments.  Have fun!

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4 thoughts on “Name that Drug!

  1. Only got 18, but was smoking a few runs of #3 skag (What you yanks seem to call ‘brown) which may have thrown me off slightly, haha!


  2. yay! Glad you liked the game! I’m sure it’s pretty easy for some people who take lots of drugs, but I tried to put some challenging ones in there. Bath salts are the only ones I’ve never done either! haha. No thank you. For even more of a challenge, play my version of Jeopardy for Junkies, or the Heroin Crossword, curtosy of Dr. Heroin.

    Gotta have a little fun, even with a serious topic!


  3. God I Love Roxi 30s..Well Migtht Not Of Named Them But I Did Them All..Except Bath Salts Its For Pussies…Gosh I Love Drugs,..Mainly pcp,ketamine,blackTar,Methadone,Cocaine[in both forms]and pills & weed

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