Legal highs need regulation, not an outright ban

A thought provoking article on the future of legal highs and a more progressive approach for dealing with them.

“By Matthew Warren, University of Oxford

A few doors down from my house, a man is selling drugs. He has herbs to smoke that could leave me happy and stoned and various white powders to ingest that could keep me partying all night. All this would be totally legal, because he runs my local head shop.

Such easy access means people succumb to buying these drugs. One in five freshers who are starting universities this month have admitted to trying one of these legal highs.

Like many countries, the UK is currently working out how to deal with legal highs, or, to use the proper nomenclature, New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). Over the past decade, the use of NPS has become increasingly common as more and more products and head shops enter the market. But despite being legal, these drugs can often cause major harm to users, and it seems likely that the UK government will soon introduce legislation to control their sale.” READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE BY CLICKING THE LINK BELOW>>>

Legal Highs Need Regulation, Not an Outright Ban



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