Love reading the latest blog posts and news from Heroin is My Heroin? Think the harm reduction tips  and updates on our countries drug policy and fight against the WoD need to be heard? Enjoy playing the (Heroin!)games or watching the many videos? Look forward to the most recent Heroin Haiku? Or maybe you are just a Sock Junky fan? Whatever your reason for visiting Heroin is My Heroin, if you feel that it offers value to yourself or to others in our community, I encourage you to consider a donation to help keep this site alive. Your support will help ensure lots of quality content keeps coming on a regular basis! I know this site isn’t for everybody. But many who have stumbled upon it found they were part of a larger community where they could freely read and discuss topics that concerned them without fear of criticism or judgment. Those of us in this community feel we have a story that needs to be told and we need your help to tell it! A little financial support can go a long way towards keeping this content fresh and relevant. No donation is too small. Anything you can contribute will be gratefully appreciated!

To donate, please visit my bitcoin payments page, Donate to Heroin Is My Heroin!

Don’t have bitcoin? Click the link below to donate in regular, ol’ USD.  Thx!!

Click HERE to donate to Heroin is My Heroin.



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