Dark Web Blog Posts

If you go back to the very beginning, before Heroin Is My Heroin, Before Deemster_Diva (the blog), before even Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll (if any of you even remember that far back), there were three articles. The Silk Road had just opened and I was buying bitcoins at .80 cents a piece (Oh, if only I had a crystal ball back then!). I was one of the very first patrons on the clandestine marketplace, stocking up on a variety of excellent quality substances that were heretofore harder to procure in such quantity and variety. I was a kid in a candy store, I couldn’t buy enough! Since it was so new, people on other forums I frequented had endless questions. So I put all of my experiences together in what amounted to a three-part series on how to use the Silk Road, but also on some of the strange events that happened as a result of my patronage. Although nothing would foil my enthusiasm for my new found chemical-candyland, I thought it best to at least share these experiences so people could make fully educated decisions before indulging themselves. Eventually, these posts needed a home of their own and a URL was created. That was the humble beginning of Heroin Is My Heroin. To revisit the history of this blog, click the links below for the original Silk Road series.

The Silk Road, Pt. 1

The Silk Road, Pt. 2

The Silk Road, Pt. 3


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The Silk Road 2.0


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