Haiku Archive

Here is the archive of all my past daily haikus. Do you enjoy expressing yourself in syllables too? Leave your own haiku in the comment section below! And they don’t all have to be about drugs either. Write your haiku about anything that’s important to you, or even just to have fun! Share some of your inspiration and let’s get’s get the creative juices flowing. If we can get enough people in on this we should have some sort of weekly contest or something. But I’m not setting my hopes too high on that one, it’s like pulling teeth to get people to be responsive. (but I’m still issuing the challenge 😉 Check out my my Blog Post Page for the current haiku of the day!

Past Daily Haikus:

The Gift of Free Will

free will

Friends Don’t Let Friends Share Supplies

Haiku-Friend to a Junky

Dark Mail

Haiku, Email, Ask a Junky, Heroin, Heroin Questions


Birth Right

Big Brother Always Watches

Big Brother

I Saw It When I Met You, The Walrus on Your Face (Let’s Break the Rules)

Haiku-Break the Rules

Needle and Flesh

Haiku-Needle and Flesh

Keep Your Eye On The Luff


Yes, I Love Sex. But….

Haiku-Love Letter

“Could Always Be Worse” – Stupid Cliche. 

RIP, My Drug Safe

Haiku: RIP

Love Sick

Haiku-Love Sick

You’re The Only One Worth a Darn


Alone In My Cage

Haiku-Personal Hell

Je T’aime Beaucoup

Haiku: Broken Heart

Never Without My Naloxone


Denial Junky

Easy to Deny

Never Enough Time

Haiku-Never Enough Time

I Want My Money Back

Haiku-I Want My Money Back

A Life In Boxes

Haiku-Moving Boxes

Happy 420!

Haiku-Happy 420

Two Worlds

Haiku-Two Worlds

Grab My Hand

Grab My Hand

Daily Cocktail

Daily Cocktailxcf

Head Full

Haiku-Head Full

Not One More Time

Not One More Time

A Party, or Just Life?

A Party

Could You Watch

Could You Watch

Friday Night  Date

Friday Night

From Eons Away, I Could Feel You

Ignorance is Bliss


Nonsensical Perception

Haiku: Ketamine

My Junky Valentine

Haiku: V-Day

Sweet Cousin Cocaine


Heroin and Cars Don’t Mix


Sweet Puppy

Haiku-Pit Bull

I Feel Your Skin

Waiting For My Man

Haiku-Waiting for My Man

You’re Always With Me

Always With Me

Life Through Heroin


Chasing the Dragon

Haiku-Chasing the Dragon

A Catalina Christmas

Haiku-Catalina Christmas

Our Fallen Brothers

Haiku-Our Fallen Brothers

Happiness is  a Loaded Prescription

Happiness in Pills

Ask a Junky

Haiku-What's A Junky

My Poor Blog


Alone in the Dark No Power
Lost in a K-Hole
And Then There Was One Haiku-And Then There Was One
Vile Scum
Vile Scum
I’m a Woman
Grown Woman
My Chess Move
It’s Not Just a Band to Me
Not Just a Band
Yoda Taught Kuroda
Hiaku-Yoda Taught Kuroda
Best Halloween Eva
Haiku-Phish Halloween
Haikus will Return
Haiku-Haikus will return
Take Your Pick From the Drug Safe
Haiku-Drug Safe
My Addiction’s Yours
My Addictions Yours
History Repeats
Haiku-History Repeats
Your Tinuviel
Haiku-Your Tinuviel
Hazy Memories of Life with Light
Haiku-Hazy Memories
Cure for a Bad Mood
Methadone Junky
Methadone Junky
Needle, Meet LSD.
Needle Meet LSD
I Lay My Love in a Watery Grave
Methadone Merry-Go-Round
Merry Go Round
40 Days of Mourning

-Haiku40 Days

Crystal Clear Poison
bad for your veinsPoking for Hours
Poking for Hours
Life Must Go On
You Know You’re a Junky When
Long Live Labcorp
Beer or a Shot
Haiku-Beer or Shot
 Afraid of the Dark
Haiku-Afraid of the Dark
 My Needle and Me
Consumed with Lust
Opium Poppy
 This Thing I Lost
This Thing I Lost
Sleepless Nights
Little Red Balloon
LittleRedBalloonsSomeone Must Want Us Dead
Life Lost
Corporate Bloodsuckers
Death to Quest
 Needle Junky
Junky Sunrise
Phish Phans Rejoice! 
Happy Birthday America!
Haiku-July 4th
Vein’s Angst
Haiku-Vein's Angst
Foolish Girl
Haiku-Foolish Girl
When You’re Married to H You’re Married For Life
Haikue-Married to Smack
Love 4 Smack
Haiku-Love 4 Smack
Glorious Dimitri, I Beseech thee!
Haiku-Oh Dimitri!Some Like It Round
Haiku-Some Like it Round
Can We All Agree, Tits Are Great?
The Most Dangerous Drug
A Call to Arms
Haiku-A Call To Arms
An Ill-Timed Nod
Haiku-Dangerous Nod
 It’s Not All Fun and Games
Nervous Anticipation
Haiku-Nervous AnticipationYour Gift
Haiku-Your GiftForbodding Coup de Grâce
Haiku-Borrowed Time
 Perfect Day
Haiku-Perfect Day
 I Brought Sexy Back
Haiku-I Brought Sexy BackAn Uphill Battle
 Happy Birthday Mike!
Haiku-Mike Gordon
Ode to My Feet
A Junky Unwinds
AJunkyUnwindsNot Even Once
Does it Matter?
Fuck You Bronchitis Pt. 2
Junky Logic
Fuck You Bronchitis 
Crystal Methamphetamine Self Indulgence
Junky’s Breakfast
Music is My Metronome
Music is My Metronome
A Junky Personal
Out, Damned Clot:
The Drug I Love to Hate


3 thoughts on “Haiku Archive

  1. Hi, coo
    how are you?
    Greetings from Ireland
    (a fourth line’s taboo)

    Hope you’re doing well and that stooping to my level of humour didn’t crick your neck 🙂


  2. Thank you so much! It makes me really happy that you noticed and mentioned the imagery. It’s something I work really hard on and I create them all myself. That’s why the daily haiku is more like the bi-daily haiku, but I can get quite obsessed with creating them so it takes me a lot longer than simply writing a haiku, lol. The poppy is such an interesting subject, there could be 100 years worth of literature on it, and still so much left to be said. I’m glad there’s someone else out there who can relate to intimate to my work! Thank you so much for sharing your as well! I love reader participation, but so few choose to share!


  3. Hi, how’s life on your side of the Atlantic treating you? I hope all is as well as could possibly be for you and then a little bit more on top of that for luck.
    I’ve just been enjoying reading through your haikus here, the last time I was at this page I just briefly skimmed through them but I’m glad I’ve come back to take more time with them today. You’ve got some very striking imagery going on in a few of these and I’m a big fan of striking imagery in poetry.
    I had to laugh when I got to the third on down ‘Opium Poppy’ because I was half writing a haikuish on the exact same subject, and I mean literally…. the title for mine will be ‘Papaver Somniferum’ which means exactly the same as yours… In fact I went on quite a journey of discovery as regards the origins of the words, papaver just means of the poppy family of flowers and the somniferum is the type of poppy, which I have sort of known for a while and always knew by the ‘somni’ bit which I associated with the word insomnia and therefore presumed had something to do with sleep. In fact Somnus is the Roman God of sleep and somni- before a word indicates sleep and thus somnambulism is sleepwalking and somniloquy is talking in your sleep…
    Incidentally… Hypnos is the greek god of sleep and Morpheus is the God of dreams which is where the word morphine is derived from….
    …….Right, I better crack on properly here or else I could end up spending all day typing out nonsense as I am prone to do…. the truth is I’m somewhat wasted, but happy… I was awake for four days slept one night and now this is another three days without sleep since then, which is very well but I do have a tendency to get sidetracked and go off on one… Like what I’ve just done here I suppose…. but this feels almost like it’s my safe haven in the blog world where people won’t think I’m… hmmm, fuck knows what they think, I just know that they try and lock the doors when they see me coming near…. anyway..

    papaver somniferum
    traps a bumble-bee

    it’s not finished yet, I need for it to be near enough perfection, so I’ll let it simmer for a while… I was playing round with the word ‘hooked’ because Bees do sort of hook themselves onto Poppies and also the word ‘attached’… but ‘papaver somniferum’ is definite for the middle line, and although I don’t usually stick to the 5-7-5 syllable structure ‘papaver somniferum’ is a perfect 7 if ever I seen one…
    Dam, I had so many things that I wanted to say but I seem to have forgotten most of it…. I’ll have to do a part two at a later date…

    There’s a poetry website I use where the recent prompt was to write a 6 word poem and my mind went into overdrive and now I think that they are a bit sick of me the miserable bastards… an example of one of their 6 word poem was

    “All i was
    shattered, scattered.

    Give me strength and most the others were along the same lines, so I thought I would take the comedy angle with the likes of…

    I get easily distrac… ooh!! Butterfly.

    Vengeance Therapy??!!
    We’ll see about that!!!

    and finally the straw that broke the camels back was this gem of from an amphetamine charged brain..

    Water polo!!!
    My horse drowned.

    Some people just got no humour eh?
    Anyway I’m going now while I’ve still got a small amount of control over the decisions that my mind is making, but I’ll leave you with a couple of haiku.. Aha!!! now I remember why I came here…. I wrote these two a while a while back and am still quite pleased with them…

    enticed by the dawn
    i somehow found myself ~
    lost in the forest

    following the Moon
    into the morning forest ~
    setting myself free

    Oh well that’s me, I’ll be off on my wanderings now. You take good care of yourself and be happy and keep writing them haiku.. which just reminds me. As I was reading through your haiku with the strong hard hitting imagery and meanings, then out of nowhere, totally unexpected this one jumped up and slapped me in the face…

    while tits might be great
    some prefer a nice round ass
    three cheers for the rear!

    Excellent, you are just as mental as me..
    Don’t change!!!
    Have fun,


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