Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n Roll

Fantastic Websites!

Here are some of my favorite websites to visit – usually about Sex, Drugs and/or Rock n Roll. Either way, they are good resources to have. Take a gander and poke at them (or poke around them…. whatever), you might learn some interesting stuff. This list will be constantly changing – check back frequently for new listings. There are way to many valuable resources on the World Wide Web to limit yourself to a top 10!

XXX3Fetlife– Oh come on PT!  You think anal sex and a couple trannies are a big deal? Take a look at Fetlife. Where the real freaks live – and putting glow sticks up your a**hole and hoo-haa is not only tame, but almost blase. Check it out – it will give you something to peruse during your 24 hour forced red wine enema your master enforces on a bi-weekly basis.



Bluelight– Want to learn about the latest research chemicals? Check out the purity/quality of your MDMA? Quitting drugs all together, and want to discuss the daily impact it has on your life? Want to know about the latest case studies and medical research? Or just talk about your favorite drug (skies the limit!)… maybe learn some info on it you didn’t know before. Then bluelight is your safe haven. Just don’t solicit or ask where you can procure said drugs. Tisk-tisk. That’s the biggest faux pas you can make on this site.
Websites-Heroin Helper

The Heroin Helper – Yes, his (good) book might have gone out of print (although, rumor has it, there is a 2nd edition coming out!). Yes, the site might have been left untouched for a little while, but No, no no… Dr. H is not pushing daisies! And with two current blogs of his own, ( and you can get your fill of Dr. H and all your Heroin/Opiate Questions answered while being entertained. Thanks again Dr H, for making one of the lowest casts of US citizens feel welcome and not shunned from society… no matter how bad our track marks are, or how often we might nod off on the subway.

Rock n Roll – A website dedicated to jam bands and their fans. Yeah, yeah, I’ll give it a plug.
 PT – Forum for Phish
PT – Forum for The Disco Biscuits

That Guy’s On Heroin – his blog is one mans endeavor to capture the endless comedic antics of Baltimore’s massive heroin addicted population. Most people living with and incurable disease like addiction, appreciate a little comedy in their lives. I certainly appreciate his unique humor on what is normally considered as a dire situation.

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3 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n Roll

  1. Ha, thanks RE: my legs. I just re-posted that blog. I took it down because I was going to edit it, but then never got around to it, so it’s up in it’s original form, typos and all, lol. Feel free to comment or not. It’s cool! 🙂


  2. You have nice legs … lol I read you post that was a reply to my comment, but I think it’s deleted and I didn’t get a chance to respond. I have used most every drug you can name. I think pot, and hallucinogens are good drugs. The addicting drugs tend to suck when they wear off. I felt the drug was using me and I don’t like to be a slave to anything. I had friends and relatives who died doing drugs ” the right way.” They simply stopped breathing in their sleep. Be safe.


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