Check Me Out!

You know my favorite websites, but what about the website that I fill with lewd pictures of myself almost naked? Or, the shameless videos me injecting drugs into my arm? (just kidding those are deleted – mostly.) Here are the social media sites that I use. Feel free to look me up or add me as a friend. I’ll always add you back! (unless you don’t like the smell of DMT. Then that’s it, we’re through. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.)

Alright, now that we got rid of the dead weight, here you go!Death to Quest

  • Deviant Art – What? Didn’t know I was an artist? Just look at the graphics on this site! Now you can see them all in one spot on my Deviant Art profile! Don’t forget to “favorite” me! You can even by my prints. Don’t worry, it’s not ALL drug related, there’s lots of sex too 😉 Although I did start an all heroin related art group. So far, it’s just me though 🙂
  • Facebook – Probably my most active account besides this one. I keep it updated with pictures and polls and news stories. “Like” me! You can’t add me as a friend, because they said Deemster_Diva wasn’t a real name and told me I was a “Fictitious Character” ::roll eye::
  • Twitter – One of the highlights of my life was when EOTO randomly started following me on twitter. I was like so excited that they knew who I was that I almost peed myself. I love those boys and their Leemar. ::sigh::
  • Google + – I really only have this because I have a gmail account, but it grew on me and now I use it, and it’s full of juicy pictures! But Love HeroinI did start a Phish Phan Google + page that I monitor and it has quite a large following now!. Of course, nobody knows that I’m the one behind it, or else they’d probably all leave, lol.  But I’ll accept anyone’s circle request for me or for the Phish Page I started, lol. I also started a group solely for people who are heroin users, or support heroin users, and who aren’t ashamed, Happy Heroin Users. Feel free to join!A Calls to Arms-Junkies 4 Justice Ribbon
  • Tumblr Voice for the Junky is my Tumblr blog. It’s mostly photos and reposts of this blog, but definitely some interaction with the other Tumblr members that is interesting to read! There are a lot of heroin and drug users on that site! Junkies for Justice is my Tumblr site completely dedicated to Harm Reduction. It’s still a work in progress, but check it out if you’ve got some free time
  • YouTube – Sometimes they ban me, sometimes they don’t. But you can usually find a small sampling of videos I’ve uploaded. All the videos from this My Youtube Channelblog, lots of injection videos, noteworthy Phish songs and even just plain old videos on me 🙂 And then of course, video channels I love, like the complete Film Cow collection (Charlie the Unicorn, anyone?) and Salad Fingers. You’ll also find my Ultimate Junky Playlist, Ultimate Playlist for Stoners, My Phantasy Phish Set List and so much, much more fantastic music. You know, sweet stuff like that! It will keep you busy for hours (probably even days!)
  • BluelightBluelight – My favorite drug forum website. Although I go by the handle elkat13, I’m sure you’ll recognize the blog posts 😉 Check out the forum as well. Lots of useful information on any drug available. Just ignore all the needle hate (yep, even in the drug community.

Deemster_Diva - Topless

  • Fetlife – Yes, I admit. I’m a member of fetlife. Although I use to go by threewaybestway, since there is only one of me now, I changed my handle to the more recognized, D_D. Don’t get your hopes up, you won’t see much there that you can’t see here. But it is a fun site to peruse every now and then. There you will find plenty of my photos, videos (alright, you will see quite a bit more), erotic writings, groups I’m a member of and my personal bio, although that’s all changed greatly since the passing of my dear Greg, the best sexual partner anyone could have asked for.
  • Illicit and Erotic Behavior – My old blog. If you want to check out any of my older stuff, you can find it there. But there’s not much you won’t find on this blog already. I’m leaving it up,  but nothing new ever gets posted there that hasn’t already been posted here. But The way I feel about just about everyone ;-)some people like to check it out anywhere. Note the URL has changed from to A lot of people thought I had closed it because they couldn’t find it under the old name. But have faith, the archive is still there for prosperity. Although has been removed entirely and moved to
  • Phantasy Tour – And last, but certainly not least – If you want to know where the persona behind the name began, check out Phantasy Tour – Phish A photo collage I made for PTForum – the drug band message board that started it all! Although the Phish forum is where I started (and where I met Greg). I also frequent The Disco Biscuits Forum as well. If you want to just see what your’s truly has been up to on PT, you’ll have to click on the search tab and look up Deemster_Diva. Then, for better or worse, you’ll see all my posts for any given date range.

I think that’s it folks. No, I’m not giving you the PinkMeth site, and 4Chan has taken down the thread with the notorious n00dz, and inaccurate defamatory story that went along with them, so don’t bother looking there. You can also find me on Soundcloud, MediaFire,, Vimeo, imgur, Reddit, Streamnation, DMT-Nexus, and about a dozen other message boards and social media sites, but the ones mentioned here will give you the bulk of my online content.

☮ ❤ & ♫♪♫



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