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Have a question for a junky? Use to form and ask away! No question is irrelevant or too silly. Let’s put an end to misinformation and lies and get the facts straight once and for all! One question at a time. I promise, I’ll be straight-forward and direct. No sugar coating, no spinning, no hype. Just the facts. So go ahead… Ask a Junky!

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2 thoughts on “Contact Form

  1. Hi Karl, Thank you so much for writing in and for being a supporter of my blog! I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to respond as promptly as I would have liked. It’s been a very hectic month for me and I wasn’t able to give my blog the attention that I usually do. But I’m back home now and things are calming down (hopefully for good) and I’ll be able to respond to questions sooner. I noticed that you sent one back on July 29th that I missed, but that’s the earliest one that I see. Then the rest seemed to all come in today. Is this correct? It usually does take me at least 24-24 hours to post an answer. I was actually doing some research on one of your questions when I saw this comment come in! I’m going to email you directly before posting anything because I’ve got some questions about it myself! You have some really good questions! Thanks again for submitting them. The Ask a Junky section is only as good as the questions I get to answer!

    Peace, Love and Rock ‘n Roll


  2. I have filled out several of these asking some basic questions but have not recieved any replies. What are the answers dependant upon. Perhaps I should look at some of the questions and see if there are any I can answer, before I expect to recieve any answers.


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