Update! Ask a Junky: Leukoencephalopathy

While talking over this blog post with one of my friends, it struck me that I elude to something that isn’t exactly true.  I repeatedly state that smoking heroin is far less dangerous than most other common routes of administration. While that might technically be true since it is safer than any injection method, there are still ways to administer heroin that are far less dangerous, albeit less popular, than smoking or any other route of administration I mention in the referenced post. I would rank insufflation about on par with smoking, but both oral consumption and rectal administration are far less dangerous than any other method. Neither of these methods come with a very high bioavailability, making them less desirable to those seeking efficiency from their RoA. But for those seeking the safest way to get high, they should not be excluded. Oral consumption comes with the lowest amount of risk, and the lowest bioavailability, offering users just 35% of the heroin consumed, if you let it dissolve under your tongue (otherwise known as sublingual). It can be as low as 10% if you merely swallow it. No special preparation is needed, except for maybe combining or chasing it with something that renders it palatable. Heroin is very rarely done this way for a reason, low bioavailability combined with a wretched taste, a shorter half-life than most opiate pills and no discernible rush doesn’t offer the user the best experience. But it’s just about the safest method as you will come across. White powder is easier to take sublingually than black tar because it dissolves faster. But melting your black tar a little so that it’s more liquid than solid will help if you choose to hold it under your tongue.

I would not suggest doing it in this manner however. It really has no benefit over plugging, so long as you don’t mind sticking things up where the sun don’t shine. I describe the process of plugging in Ask a Junky: Routes of Administration Part II, so i won’t go over it again. But I promise, if you haven’t taken drugs rectally before, it’s really not that bad and I can assure you, it’s a much more effective method than oral. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the same joys as plugging methamphetamine (which offers users a 99% bioavailability!!), so those who are used to the high bioavailability of injection methods probably won’t find it very appealing. But it’s an extremely safe and relatively effective method for those seeking a safer alternative to the needle, or even smoking or snorting.

So anyway, that’s it. I just didn’t want to leave readers with the wrong impression. There definitely ARE safer methods available to those seeking the utmost safest way to use heroin. You don’t have to stick with the conventional methods if you don’t want to. Just because everyone else is doing it one way, certainly doesn’t make it the right way or the best way. Make the choice of how you’re going to do your heroin as important as the decision to do it in the first place. It just might be a life or death matter! Stay safe (even while high! 😉


2 thoughts on “Update! Ask a Junky: Leukoencephalopathy

  1. hey there, thanks for following up. No, still a free woman for now. Looks like I’ll be checking into rehab sometime after the new year to take care of that little debit of time to the city. but i’m looking forward to enjoying a fun New Years with The Dead here in L.A. before i have to take care of that!! All the best back to you and yours as well!


  2. I have’nt heard from you for awhile so I thought that you were in “time out.” Did you already do that and are out now, or do you still have that to do? Whatever the situation is , I hope that all is well in your life, that you are happy, healthy and prosperous. Here’s to gettin low, hophead

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