Win a Bottle of Hemp Vodka!

Introducing My New Favorite Beverage….

Hemp is often lauded for it’s all natural health benefits and medicinal qualities. But let’s be realistic. 99% of marijuana is smoked for recreation. Now with alcohol and marijuana being the country’s two most popular, quasi-legal substances, it was only a matter of time before someone had the idea to combine them together for one super-duper mega recreational substance! Enter: Elation Hemp Vodka! The world’s only legal hemp flavored liquor!

You wouldn’t know by hanging out with me now, but there was a time when I was a seriously heavy drinker. I even had to cut myself off of hard liquor all together about a year after college because I had no self control when I started drinking hard liquor. A friend and I would go through a bottle of either Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels by ourselves every single night. And the more I drank, the more disproportionately horrible my hangovers got. Eventually I had to just cut myself off entirely… Until the peer pressure at the yacht club got to me many years later and I started back up with rum and cokes and tequila in Mexico cantinas again. (I soon put the tequila bottle down for good after being recognized by someone I had only met online while stripping off all my clothes and jumping in a hotel swimming pool in my birthday suite for a crowd full of Mexicans, tourists, random internet fans and Steve, my very disappointed boyfriend). Before I met Greg, Steve and I were together for seven years. He was wonderful and I loved him to death. I was sure we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. Until one day (well, one day over a stretch of about a year) I found out he had a kid the whole time and had been lying to me about it. The breakup was devastating, but it opened up the door for Greg and I to get together and I wouldn’t trade our five years together for anything. But anyway, Steve was an alcoholic, albeit a very functional one. And I, of course, had to keep up with him and drink at least as much, despite being a foot shorter and 60 pounds lighter. More nights than not, you’d find us at a local watering hole, bellied up and pounding a few. The nights at home were spent taking down a few bottles of wine with dinner, at least one each. I definitely drank more in that seven years than any other time in my life, besides maybe that last couple years of college.

When we split, I stopped drinking all together for some reason. I didn’t plan to. I didn’t wean myself off or just dabble on the weekends. I just stopped drinking – for over two years, as did Greg. Well, to be honest, we really just traded out or alcohol for GHB. In my opinion, GHB is a far superior product. I would take it over booze any day of the week. For the majority of the our relationship we drank GHB every night instead of alcohol. But for a while we did change things up a bit and went back to the bottle. By the time we found out we had Hep C, we were splitting a liter or more of Vodka a night between the two of us. Honestly I was really enjoying it again. Although, like all drugs that Greg and I did together, I could see how it could have easily got out of hand again very quickly. But I still enjoyed our return to Vodka. I only drink it chilled, sometimes on ice, sometimes not, with no mixer and maybe a tiny sip of juice to chase. Once we got our Hep C diagnosis, we stopped drinking almost entirely. I still drink every now and then, but very rarely since I’m trying to keep my liver in good shape until I’m approved for my Hep C medication. I still only drink vodka, but now I think I found my new drink of choice. Elation: Hemp Vodka! This is the first hemp infused vodka that has been on the market since patent medicines were legal during the first part of the last century. I can’t wait to try it and am pretty sure my readers will be equally as intrigued by this drink as I am! If any of you try it before I get my hands on it, please write a review! I’d love to hear your first hand accounts or cocktail ideas for the best Hemp Vodka cocktail!

Let’s hear your cocktail ideas and let’s do a shot! (The kind that don’t go in a syringe!!)

Here is a little bit about Elation, taken straight from their website…


One thought on “Win a Bottle of Hemp Vodka!

  1. Hemp-powered Space Shuttle cocktail:

    3 parts Hemp Vodka
    3 parts fresh lime juice
    1 part melon schnapps
    2- 3 drops Angostura bitters

    Top with ice cubes and lemonade in a tall glass.

    No idea what that’d taste like, but it couldn’t be too bad! 🙂

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