Fake Xanax Warning!! (Los Angeles)

Attention Xanax users in the Los Angeles area!!

There are fake Xanax, made from fentanyl, being sold on the street that are killing people. There has been at least one confirmed death and many hospitalizations from these fake pills already. I’m usually not one to believe hype about a batch of drugs reportedly killing people. But this information came from very credible sources and I’m compelled to believe it completely. So I felt obliged to do my part and warn as many people as I can, including all of my readers in the Los Angeles area. Always be careful when buying drugs on the street. Ideally, try to avoid it at all costs. If you can’t get a prescription from a doctor for your favorite pharmaceuticals, get set up with a permanent dealer. Or better yet, remove yourself one step and use and acquirer to score your drugs for you. You may have to shell out an extra $5 bucks, but it’s worth it to not be involved in the actual transaction if something goes wrong. You protect yourself that way.

The odd thing about this announcement is that fentanyl is not cheap. My old roommate, a shady meth dealer with no scruples, sold a bunch of fake Xanax once, but they were just bunk pills. Why someone would pay for the fentanyl and sell it as Xanax is beyond me. Unless it is a malicious prank which went terribly wrong, or just as planned, depending on the depravity of the prankster.

With the recent government crackdown on highly addictive prescription drugs which are often abused and used recreationally, like Oxycontin and Xanax, they may become harder to get legitimately. If you’ve suddenly found yourself without a medicinal supply, rather than sprinting to your local drug dealer, consider using this opportunity to re-examine your need for the drug and your dependance on it. Benzodiazepines are extremely addictive and seemingly impossible to come off of. If you’ve been taking them, even with the go ahead from your doctor, for any significant amount of time, chances are you’re already addicted. But don’t stress, with the correct tapering, it can be done safely. Once complete, you’ll feel like a new person. You’ll find all the symptoms that little pill was meant to stave off, eventually became a byproduct of the pill itself. I’ve been addicted to benzos twice (maybe three times) now in my life and I can attest to everything I’m telling you first hand. There is very little upside to being addicted to benzos. So do yourself a favor and detox from them now. The earlier you kick ’em, the sooner you can get back to your old self. And no matter how bad it gets or how terrible you feel coming off, I can promise you that the discomfort of benzo withdraw is still better than the death of an unintentional fentanyl overdose!

Here is the flyer that is being passed around at my local needle exchange:

Fake Xanax, Warning, Harm Reduction, Fentanyl, Narcan, Overdose Prevention

I implore each and every one of you to always take drugs safely and responsibly and join us in showing the world that we can be smart, educated drug users. Don’t buy your Xanax off the streets if you can avoid it. Always know what your pills should look like (use drugs.com pill identifier!). And always, always carry narcan on you in case of an accidental overdose. I’ve had to use it three times now, and at least two of those times, I’m sure it saved lives.

Have any  stories you’d like to share about a time when your harm reduction measures helped save a life? Write them in the comments section below!


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