Smoking Heroin From Glass

In the fifth installment of smoking videos, I demonstrate how to smoke heroin out of a glass pipe. There are many types of pipes or bongs you can use. Unfortunately, my favorite one broke only hours before I shot this video. I hardly ever use glass to smoke heroin (I hardly ever smoke heroin for that matter) so I brought them out to brush them off before filming and it sadly smashed. But this little pig pipe (as seen in the video) came to the rescue and saved filming, so it all worked out!

But just to give you an idea of what my old pipe was like… I made a little diagram for you  guys.

So, as you’ll see these two pipes have very different shapes. Although I don’t use one in this video, I particularly like water pipes, like the one in my last smoking video, Found Here. Try different shapes that you like until you find the one that is right for you!

Smoking Heroin From a Glass Pipe


2 thoughts on “Smoking Heroin From Glass

  1. Well I am only trying to give productive criticism at the moment when I say this…I found it kinda hard to read the directions that were long because they cut off the left n right ends of what u said… And I’m still a bit unclear because of that… U light this “glass poker” and once it’s hot u use it (like a hot rail) got that; what are u doing wit it to smoke, just getting close or touching a piece of ur pipe close to it…
    I love the fact that a pretty girl (like me) is educating dumb mofos and saving us all time money n grief it’s not like u can call up a pharmacy n ask dis shit yaknow… So mad props to a fellow “bad bitch”!!


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