The Real Low Down On These 10 “Bizarre” Drugs

I recently opened my email and found this little article aimed towards educating drug users on lesser known substances and rating their danger level. And I’m sure many people who read this will actually learn about a new drug for the first time, or a side effect they hadn’t heard of before. But I found them disappointingly generic, without any substantial information about the drugs or why they are on this list. Clearly the author had little to no first-hand experience with any of these drugs. I suspect my readers are much like myself and have no interest in another generic drug article pushing the same hearsay and rumors around the web. So I decided to take it upon myself to provide a much more in-depth and, when possible, firsthand account of what these drugs are really like and how dangerous they actually are. So here we’ll skip the hearsay and hysteria and I’ll give you the straight scoop on all of these lesser known “bizarre” drugs.

#10: Ayahuasca
Used by South American native tribes for their shamanistic rituals, Ayahuasca is a concoction of jungle plants and a powerful hallucinogen. Short-term effects are purportedly life changing. The musician Sting started playing the lute when on a high with Ayahuasca!

These days every new age spiritualist, holistic healer, addiction counselor, shaman seeker, and Ayahuascapractitioner of native medicines and/or religions has heard about – and most likely participated in – an Ayahuasca ceremony. It first made headlines when a religious sect in Peru was made exempt from drug prosecution despite its use of Ayahuasca as sacrament. That opened the floodgates for all those I mentioned above and more to flood the boarders of Peru in search of spiritual enlightenment by means of psychedelic hallucination. The sister drug to my namesake’s DMT. But unlike freebase DMT, Ayahuasca is consumed orally with the addition of a natural MAO-I, like Syrian Ru, which activates the psychedelic compounds and produces a trip that much longer and decidedly different experience that doesn’t pack quite the same visual punch as the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am 15 minutes of psychedelic majesty that freebase DMT produces. But despite the common complaint of upset stomach (which I’ve never actually experienced, so I’m sure you’ll be fine too), it has been frequently attributed to spiritual breakthroughs, reconciliations with past trauma and overcoming addictions of a more dangerous sort – making a little upset tummy a small price to pay for such extraordinary payoffs! Addiction specialist and initial crusader for North America’s first Safe Injection Site (SIS) in Vancouver, Dr. Gabar Mate recently put Ayahuasca in the headlines again by giving it his seal of approval as an effective addiction treatment when all other options have failed. When I first read of his support for the drug he had been to over 80 ceremonies, some of which are now being performed here in the States. I’m sure he’s been to hundreds by now.

I should preface by saying I’ve never taken Ayahuasca as part of a shamanistic ceremony, only on my own, prepared at home. While I definitely enjoyed the experience and came out of my trips with a fresh view on life, it didn’t win my heart the way that DMT did. I didn’t even like it as much as LSD or mushrooms. Maybe I have haven’t been going into the trips with the right intentions, but it didn’t really do anything decidedly special for me. It ranks third on the list of my favorite ways to consume DMT, earning a yellow ribbon. The red ribbon going to smoked DMT. In first place, la cordon bleu going to DMT: injected.

#9: Devil’s Breath

Scopolamine is blown into the victim’s faces to get them to do just about anything. Victims willingly empty their bank accounts or have the most bizarre sex and get up the next day without a clue of what has happened. This Colombian drug surely lives up to its name of Devil’s Breath.

World's Scariest Drug
Scopolamine – Devil’s Breath

Once I read of this Omni-powerful drug and its irresistible hypnotic powers, I knew I had to try it. I’ll preface that by saying I only felt 100% comfortable trying it because I knew that SoCal, my life partner and the only person I’ve ever met who I would consider my “drug equal” on all substances across the board, would be the one administering it to me and that I would be in safe, albeit hungry, eager hands. I thought it was going to be impossible to find. I mean, why would anyone let a drug that powerful grow haphazardly all around for anyone to find? But of course, you have to know what to look for. When we checked into our hotel in Monterey Bay for a late fall vacation one year, it wasn’t exactly the first thing on our mind. But it’s hard to miss the beautifully distinct white trumpet flowers which hang delicately from the tree. Right in front of our cabin, hidden in plain sight, there it was, Devil’s Breath itself. No need to order it from Hawaii or settle for some extract. We had the read deal, in plentiful bounty, ripe for our taking. So take it we did. We couldn’t find anything about how to prepare it online; they just don’t want you to know about this stuff. Not even Erowid talks about it. But we’re advanced home drug chemists, so we winged it. To start, we threw the seeds, leaves, flowers, pollen, all of it, into a bowl. Then, wearing face masks, we ground it up with a pistol into a fine powder – real advance chemistry here 😉  One day when I wasn’t expecting it (with prior approval of course) he blew it in my face, just like you read about in the news. I can’t really say what it was like; a little drunk feeling at first (actually, more like Phenibut, if you know what that’s like) then nothing. No ill effects like nausea, maybe a little grogginess the next day. To me it was no different than being roofied any other way really. I guess the normal person isn’t used to be just being roofied at whim with a variety of different drugs. But in my world, it’s just par for the course. I honestly don’t remember much; a vague realization of what had just happened, the knowledge that a sexual encounter was eminent and then waking up naked and in bed. He said he used very, very little, and that seemed evident given the amount left behind. Sadly, we never got around to using it again. I never actually told anyone about this because I kinda wanted it to be our little secret, but since it’s on topic, I seems time to share. I’ve gotta be honest with you guys, I miss that man. No one else would be so completely comfortable drugging me and dragging me into the bedroom without a moment of hesitation, just pure, raw, animalistic urges. We were a perfect pair since there aren’t many other women who would give him such carte blanche, even introduced him to the idea in the first place. It was a match made in heaven. And I hope he’s smiling up there right now, anticipating my arrival so we can enjoy each other’s peculiar tastes once again. I bet we won’t even need to video tape the evidence when I’m knocked out, I’ll probably just be able to review it afterwards in my mind or something 😉

So, yeah… Uh, Devil’s Breath is one of the most bizarre and dangerous drugs out there. But I would rank it much, much higher on this list.

#8: Sisa

Costing only a fraction of coke, drugs like this currently in vogue among the Greek junkies causes more-than-normal aggressive behavior. Users of such drugs reportedly beat people to a pulp. Some of them even tore off the famed marble statues’ heads.

Sisa’s roots stem from the inner cities of Greece. No, Greece is not all blue water island hoping and celebrity parties on Mykonos. I don’t know how current you on world politics, but Greece is far from its Sisa2hay day as a cultural or political leader. A major recession has the island in a panic. Tension runs high; the slightest bit of unrest throws citizens into civil disputes and blame-casting. Athens, yes the Athens of ancient Greek lore, is actually home to a fairly substantial, young homeless population. The whole atmosphere is ripe for a drug epidemic. Enter: Sisa – the rising star come to fill that need. It has infiltrated the community faster than crack can circle ‘round a skid row block. For less than $2.75 a hit, a good day of hustlin’ will pay for your high all night long, and you’ll still have a dollar for a lotto ticket the next day. Although touted in the news as a cheaper version of cocaine, Sisa is actually a cheaper version of methamphetamine, which as we all know, lasts much longer and is much more potent than cocaine. A toxic adulterated form of an already dangerously addictive drug (READ: one of the best drugs), which combines only scant amounts of the desired substance with dirt cheap, deadly chemicals (like battery acid/or quinine) used to boost the high. Awesome. Yet another cheaper, longer lasting, more potent drug, spreading like wild fire through a poor community. This ought to end well. Will we ever learn from our mistakes??

#7: Bath Salts

Also known by the name bath salts, these designer narcotic drugs can be procured from street drug peddlers and shady websites operating anonymously. These dangerously addictive drugs may even cause the users to eat their own feces in addition to involving in other strange abnormal behavior.

By now everybody has head of the notorious “Bath Salts”, the infamous drug that drives people to tear off their own face or consume the flesh of others during terrible 48 hour, hellish trips. Because

Bath Salts - synthetic cathinones
Bath Salts

it’s technically legal, it’s easily found on the internet or local smoke shops, available for anyone to purchase. Bath Salts, like most legal highs, have a chemical structure similar to an illegal drug. In this case it’s a synthetic cathinone. The most well-known cathinone is a drug called Khat, a plant with stimulant effects similar to amphetamine. It’s most commonly used along the Red Sea area and throughout Africa. Like the coca plant in the Andean region, its leaves are chewed to stimulate increased energy, euphoria and suppressed appetite and increased libido. The most common synthetic cathinones manufactured today are Mephedrone and MDPV. Almost all Bath Salts include one or the other as the primary active ingredient. Other ingredients include synthetic cannabis and methylhexaneamine and a number of other synthetic chemicals.

More people have taken Bath Salts than realize it. Samples of MDMA frequently include varying amounts of synthetic cathinones, some lacking any real MDMA at all. In fact, most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if given Bath Salts in lieu of ecstasy. While many of desirable effects of Bath Salts mimic those of MDMA and Cocaine, they are up to 10x more potent than the originals, thus, increasing their fatality rate as well. Milligrams, not gram, are the standard for research chemicals. Even a milligram can be the difference between a good night and horrid nightmare, or even death. Although fatalities are not nearly as prevalent as you might be lead to believe, it is still something to take seriously.  The reactions to research chemicals vary greatly. It’s important when taking them for the first time to start with the smallest recommended dose. While Bath Salts aren’t nearly as horrific as the media would have you believe, they can and do pose a risk when taken irresponsibly. Nobody wants a bad trip, so if you’re set on using them, make sure to follow the number one rule psychedelic harm reduction, set and setting!

#6: Smoking Alcohol

You can literally snuff alcohol gas (ethanol) without the accompanying calories to get a high. This alcohol nebulizer causes no vomiting and ensures alcohol stays in your system for longer.

Smoking alcohol. It makes sense. As a culture, we love our drink and we love our smoke. Why not smoking-alcoholcombine the two and smoke our alcohol? In fact, in 2004 there was even a device put on the market for just that purpose. Today people are doing it by pouring it over dry ice and inhaling the fumes, or with a method that utilizes a bicycle pump. (I won’t go into detail so as not to promote the idea 😉 Seems like a match made in heaven, right? Wrong. And I’ll tell you why. Alcohol has a bioavailability of between 66-80%. That’s very high. Yes, people have been known to IV alcohol, thus increasing the bioavailability to 10o%, but this is not recommended either and could easily kill you. But that’s a topic for another day. Smoking also increases the bioavailability, significantly. In addition, smoking is the single fastest way to get any drug into your system, faster even than injection.  So while you can typically tell when you’ve had too much to drink, it’s much harder to tell when you’ve had too much to smoke, and by that point it may already be too late. So, by smoking your alcohol you are consuming a great deal more of it a great deal faster. A recipe for disaster.

It may surprise you to learn that not all drugs are toxic. Heroin isn’t toxic for example; the body has no problem absorbing heroin. But alcohol is toxic. In fact, alcohol is the most toxic recreational substance that we use. That little buzz you experience after throwing back a few is actually your bodies reaction to poison. We typically drink small enough amounts that it doesn’t kill us. And we’ve got a few defense mechanisms to warn us when we’ve had enough, like when you feel nauseous or get a headache. But smoking alcohol bypasses your bodies’ warning signs. So you won’t know you’ve had  too much until it’s too late. I would suggest, unless you’re shooting for that Darwin Award, stick to drinking your alcohol. Or just smoke bud. Better yet, eat an eatable. It’s probably the safest way to catch a buzz that there is.

#5: Purple Drank

You can now make drugs that get you on a high with just your kitchen ingredients. Mixing a glass of fruit juice with cough syrup gives a concoction with a purple hue which gave rise to its name. The CNS depressant in the syrup can cause a fatal respiratory arrest (drugs overdose) and surely rot your teeth if you live to see the rest.

What they lack to mention in this brief blurb is that the cough syrup used in Purple Drank must be Purple DrankPromethazine with Codeine. You can’t just pull out any ol’ cough syrup and have the infamous Purple Drank. Please do not mistake Promethazine sans Codeine, or DXM cough syrup for the purple, neither is acceptable for true Purple Drank or “Lean”. A precursor to Lean first became popular in Huston when blues singers would mix ‘tussin with beer. During the 1980’s the drink took on the form we know today, mixing Promethazine with soda and sometimes candy like Jolly Rodgers for sweetness. But it wasn’t until the early 1990’s when Houston rapper DJ Screw made the Lean as we know it popular by mentioning it in several songs. Over the next two decades many rappers followed his lead and today Lean has been mentioned in dozens if not hundreds of hip-hop tracks, including DJ Screw featuring Big Moe, “Sippin’ Codeine”, Three 6 Mafia, “Sippin’ on Some Syrup”, Paul Wall, “Sippin’ Tha Barre”and  Beanie Sigel featuring Bun B, “Purple Rain” . But alas, the coveted drink has a dark side, contributing to the deaths of many who wrote about it, including DJ Screw himself. Codeine is a respiratory depressant and Promethazine is a central nervous system depressant. In moderate amounts, this wouldn’t cause a problem. But the drink, which is most commonly served in Styrofoam cups, can contain up to 25 times the recommend medicinal dose. Mix in some alcohol and you have a potentially fatal brew. Considering the larger picture however, the drink is comparatively low risk compared to other drugs. The purple drink still has a strong presence among the rap scene, and especially in Huston, where price for Promethazine on the street goes for double the price anywhere else.

#4: Zolpidem

These sleep-inducing drugs can cause side effects such as sleepwalking or, worse still, sleep-driving. Crazy acts like projectile vomiting while sleeping in the bed have been reported by users.

I use to wonder how people could go out and party on a sleeping pill. Until one night when I popped one, zolpidemthen suddenly realized I needed to finish something for a meeting I had the next day for work! I was forced to stay up despite that little pill trying to lull me into a deep, comfy slumber. Then, suddenly… I finally got it! Force yourself to stay up after you pop one (or more) of these little pills and you’ve got a high comparable to drugs like GHB (and indeed their chemical makeup has some common similarities)! So-called “Z-drugs” include Edluar, Zolpimist, Ambien and Intermezzo. Most people use them as prescribed and simply fall asleep after dosing. But push through an extra 15 minutes and you’re in for a real treat! (If you like being high that is 😉 I’ve heard of people sleep eating and walking and such on them, but only after extended use, and only if you use them to actually sleep. If you’re using them to get high, you probably won’t have this problem. But you mind find you can’t remember the last hour or so prior to actual asleep. Definitely take this drug in a safe environment where you don’t have to drive and aren’t around anybody you don’t want to see you in an extreme drugged state. You could draw many questionable glances if you’re out in public. I prefer to take them alone and get as silly as I want. However, please avoid taking z-drugs with alcohol. It can potentiate the effects and the possibility of overdose does exists.

#3: HGH

Excessive intake of the human growth hormone (HGH) causes bizarre side effects such as causing the skin to become thicker, swelling of hands and feet and the jawline becoming more prominent with the result that the teeth have more space between them (acromegaly). To top it all, HGH in the earliest days was sourced from dead bodies.

Why the fact they HGH used to be sourced from dead bodies is relevant now is beyond me. No HGH is hghsourced from dead bodies these days,  so don’t worry about it. People take HGH every day and have remarkable results. It’s become much more common than steroids and comes with fewer side effects. It produces the growth of protein tissue which aids in repair after a good workout.  It helps the body repair itself in a fraction of the time. It’s been praised by many health care providers as the anti-aging drug. If you turn on your television or watch a movie, most likely 90% of the males and a large percent of the females are using HGH. Mark Cuban is campaigning to make it legal. And it might as well be considering how prevalent and easy to obtain it is.  It makes you feel better, look younger, have more energy and generally be the best physical you that you can be, especially when combined with diet and exercise (which of course it always should be). Why HGH is even on this list of “bizarre” drugs in the first place is bizarre to me.

#2: Etorphine

This drug is one hundred times more potent than heroin and can instantly kill humans. It can cause an overdose merely by skin contact. One-hundredth of a gram of this drug can be used to knock off an elephant weighing 3000 kg.

Whoever wrote this list must have watched one too many episodes of Dexter. Etorphine is exactly what Etorphinethey state, and therefore deadly to humans. Dexter obtains his supply by posing as a veterinary doctor, but it’s not easily obtained for recreational drug use, like Ketamine. It’s highly regulated and if anyone could get a hold of it, they would very likely die. I’ve never known, heard of, or read about anyone taking this drug recreationally. There is a similar drug used in China, Dihydroetorphine, that is comparable in strength, but it’s almost always used in a hospital setting and is only administered sublingual, although a transdermal patch has recently been developed. It is similar to the opiate Buprenorphine in so much as it is considered less addictive than normal opiates and has been used for opiate replacement therapy in addiction treatment. But as for Etorphine, its uses have remained strictly for large animals like bears and elephants, and popular televised serial killers. So don’t worry too much about your kids getting their hands on it down some dark, seedy alley. They’re more likely to get Suboxone instead,

#1: Krokodil

This is a Russian version of heroin (desomorphine) obtained by cooking up lighter fluid and kitchen cleaning oils. Krokodil has horrific side effects including turning the skin scaly and eating away the flesh in addition to giving the user a heroin-like high.

Unfortunately, this is a drug that is as dangerous as the media make it out to be. The life expectancy of a

I picked one of the mildest, least disturbing pictures I could find of a Krokodil user's skin.
I picked one of the mildest, least disturbing pictures I could find of a Krokodil user’s skin.

Krokodil user is merely three years. Like most recreational drugs, desomorphine was once used medicinally.  In Switzerland it was marketed under the brand name Permonid. It had the fastest onset time and the shortest half-life of any other available opiate and it didn’t come with the same nasty side effects as other opiates, like nausea or respiratory depression. It was originally synthesized in the United States, but primarily used in Switzerland and Russia. The Swiss terminated its use in 1981 (at the time it was only being used to treat one patient with a rare condition). Russia banned it in 1998. Similar to methamphetamine, Krokodil is easily manufactured in home labs with basic, easy to obtain, toxic ingredients. Codeine, the primary active ingredient, was easily purchased over-the-counter until 2012.  But in an attempt to curb the quickly expanding use of Krokodil, Russia banned over-the-counter sales of Codeine, the same we way we banned over-the-counter Sudafed sales.  The extremely poor rural regions were hit the hardest by this tempting, affordable alternative to heroin. But the cost saved was not worth the havoc it wrecked on the using population. The name Krokodil is a reference to what one’s skin looks like after continual use. It literally eats away at your flesh, causing meat to fall away at the bone, very similar to leprosy. In addition to Codeine, ethanol, gasoline, iodine, hydrochloric acid, paint thinner and red phosphorus are all used in the manufacturing of the drug. To make things worse, an injection only lasts around 15 minutes and it’s even more addictive than heroin, causing worse withdraws that can reportedly kill the user. This is not a drug to play around with. Making the decision to use or not use could very well be a decision of life or death. Luckily, in more affluent countries like the United States, Krokodil is unlikely to be found. Although there were reports that it had popped up in the Southwest, those allegations were never substantiated. If it was true, it was most likely an isolated case of some curious experimenters.


So, there’s my two cents on this bizarre list of the 10 most “bizarre” drugs. What is the most unusual drug you’ve ever taken? With all the research chemicals on the market these days, there are too many substances for even me to keep up with! I’d love to hear stories about your more bizarre drug experiences. What would you recommend that most people may not have heard of? I’ll tell you my favorite research chemical (I’m not including any of the 2C-X drugs, because I no longer consider them “research chemicals”), 4-AcO-DMT. Although there are some pretty awesome RC’s out there right now. Hmmm…  That gives me an idea for a new blog section!

There are three drugs on this list that I haven’t taken. Can you guess what they are? Post your guess in the comment section below and if you’re right, you just might win a prize! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Real Low Down On These 10 “Bizarre” Drugs

  1. i am not a fan of chemicals at all(although i had my fair share in the past) mother nature can take care of us all with its plants , ..and sisa..what a surprise to read this here-very well informative post, i am from Athens greece and i see the expansion of the drug in the streets of athens during these last 5 years of the ‘economic crisis”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No! I haven’t tried kambo OR the DMT/Moclobemide combo, but damn I’m intrigued. I can’t imagine anything more wild than injecting DMT I really want need to try this! I looked up the Kambo and it appears to be easily obtainable via the internet, so that’s exciting! I’m going to go ahead and order some and I’ll report back with details once I’ve taken it. Thanks so much! It’s not every day I get a recommendation for a new drug I haven’t tried that seems appealing 🙂 It might take a while to order and ship and partake, but have no doubt, I am definitely making both of these a priority and will report back as soon as I’m able! Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. Hi there.
    Quite an interesting list. I wonder if you have ever tried kambo, the cutaneous secretions of the frog Bicolor Phyllomedusa? I suspect you would find the active peptides within it interesting ie dermorphin and deltorphin which have potent mu and delta agonist effects.The ROA involves creating shallow epithelial burns with a narrow glowing chopstick then smearing the gummy sap to the burns. Definitely one for the dedicated ‘explorer’.
    IME, the most ridiculous drug experience, bar none, undoubtedly has to be the oral consumption of 300mg moclobemide (reversible inhibitor of Monoamine Oxidase A) followed by vaporised freebase DMT (30mg, single inhalation via a Glass VaporGenie device) some 2 hours after taking the moclobemide. In effect this compresses the ayahuasca experience which typically lasts potently for 3 or so hours into one hour whilst rendering it modified and more extreme than a standard DMT breakthrough. This type of experience also far exceeds the IV injection of DMT fumarate in terms of depth ,profundity and duration of breakthrough with the breakthrough being extended to close to 30 minutes with unbelievably intense open-eyed visuals for a further half hour. In fact, this experience makes the standard DMT breakthrough seem rather shallow, which ,for those who have been there, is saying something.It is not something I would casually recommend to all and sundry.
    Lastly, I think your blog is very nice.

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