Dark Web’s Largest Marketplace To Pause Operations

Fellow Agora Marketplace users, please take note of this special announcement! Agora Marketplace is going offline for a while to tighten their security. Remove your bitcoins now to protect your funds! For more information, please read the article recently published on agoradrugs.com.

BREAKING NEWS: The admin at Agora Marketplace will be taking the site offline temporarily to upgrade security. They are advising all users withdraw their bitcoins in the meantime. Most other markets would just run off with your bitcoins but Agora just proved again that they are thinking of the people. In the meantime, AlphaBay Market and Silk Road 3 are the best options to check out.

agora marketplace, Tor, Deep Web, Dark Web, onion, hidden services
Agora Announces It Will Pause Operations

Recently, Agora Marketplace announced through its admin that there would be a pause in operations so as to address major security threats facing the site. This process will ensue only after notifying account holders of the intended temporary shutdown, so that they can make necessary transactions before it becomes too late. The owners have released a signature appended message explaining the situation, and verifying that this is not an “exit scam” as they would soon be back.


Dark Web’s Largest Market, Agora Marketplace, To Pause Operations



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