Ask a Junky: How Do I Access Tor from the iPhone 6?

While this isn’t a heroin related question per say, I thought enough people might be interested in hearing the response to warrant its own post. To clarify, the reader’s main objective here is to make a purchase from a dark web marketplace. So he is actually less concerned about accessing Tor from his iPhone than he is about gaining access to the dark web on his iPhone.  Let’s continue…

Unfortunately, as of now Tor (the browser used to access .onion sites) cannot be installed on the iPhone. Fortunately, there is a hack for just about any limitation you can find on the internet these days, this being no exception. In fact, there are numerous ways to access Tor from the iPhone 6, including jailbreaking your phone. But for the sake of argument, I’m going to assume that you don’t want to jailbreak your phone. We’ll just cover methods you can use on your iPhone 6 as is.

The first and easiest way is to access a different .onion browser.  Nobody stays the only game in town for very long. And where there is a hole to be filled, there will always be someone there to fill it. These mostly come in app form, available for iPhones and Android. Some are powered by Tor and some are not. Some come with a VPN and some require a separate VPN. Some are free and some are not. Right now Red Onion seems to be the best, most popular app available. Here are some others you can research as well. Be sure to read the specifications and consumer reviews before purchasing or installing any of them.

1) Free Tor Browser (Free)

2) Onion VPN with Tor (Free)

3) Onion Browser by Mike Tigas (Paid)

4) Red Onion (Paid)

5) iOnion (Free)

The second method doesn’t require any other software other than Tor itself, which is nice. It involves using a computer to act as a server and setting up an Auto Proxy through Apache.  If you’re not tech-savvy, don’t let any of those words scare you. All you have to do is download a program and create a basic text file. I’m going to relay the steps as they are published on They do a very good job explaining it, and I doubt I could do any better. You can find their original post with pictures here –> Use Tor On An iPhone.

  1. Download and install TOR on a computer that you want to act as the server. It can be Windows, Mac, or Linux. Click Tor Project for the Tor Project website.
  1. On that same computer, download and install Apache. You can find it Apache.
  1. Open a new text document and paste the below text replacing the xx.xx with the proper IP address of the computer running TOR. This will create a Proxy Auto-Config file (PAC file).
  • function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
  • {
  • return “SOCKS 192.168.xx.xx:9050”;
  • }
  1. Save the file as proxy.pac in the Apache htdocs folder. If you are using TOR over LAN, check to see if the file is accessible. Open a browser on a different device on the same network and type in http://192.168.xx.xx/proxy.pac and if you see the same text as above, everything is fine.
  1. Find the torrc file in the TOR directory on your computer.Open it in Notepad and change the last line. Instead of, type 192.168.xx.xx:9050 making sure to once again replace xx.xx with the proper IP address of the computer running TOR.
  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings>Wi-Fi and click on the blue arrow next to the wireless network which is on the same network as the computer running TOR. Under HTTP Proxy, select Auto and type in the same URL you used to check if the proxy.pac file was accessible. http://192.168.xx.xx/proxy.pac

You should now be able to access Tor on your iPhone!  But remember Tor should never be your only means of protection. Always run a VPN in addition to Tor. If you are using an app that doesn’t come with one, there are many free VPN apps as well. Get it and use it!

In his email, the reader also asks if I could refer a specific seller on any of the dark web marketplaces for H #4. Unfortunately, at this time I am unable to make any recommendations. I rarely buy my heroin from the dark web because I find it extremely cost prohibitive, not to mention not practical for daily use. When I have purchased #4, it was through a Silk Road vendor and I can’t remember what his handle was. So even if he did migrate to one of the other sites, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But fortunately, sites like Agora have a great seller rating system in place where you can read reviews and choose a reliable vender based on history, product reviews, longevity, etc. Agora Marketplace. And be sure to check out the forums for any info on your seller as well.

I hope this helps you iPhone 6 users out there! As also, please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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