Help the Zendo Project Expand Psychedelic Harm Reduction

As this years festival season kicks off, people around the globe will be participating in psychedelic activities and experimenting with mind altering substances, en masse – many for the first time. While most psychedelic drugs are considered relatively harmless when compared to other higher risk drugs, the fact remains that harm reduction should remain a critical part of all psychedelic experiences. This year, the Zendo Project: Psychedelic Harm Reduction is  dedicated to creating a safe environment for people to enjoy these experiences without fear of physical or emotional trauma, by providing training, education, and support to reduce the risks associated with using psychedelics.

Help the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), sponsor the Zendo Project as they support festival around the world and provide “a safe space and professionally trained staff to care for individuals at festivals, concerts, and other events where people may have challenging psychedelic experiences. We’re asking for your help to raise $50,000 to build a new structure, train more volunteers, and reduce the need for psychiatric hospitalizatons and arrests.”

To further explain their mission, the Zendo Project Website goes on to read:

This year, millions of people will use psychedelics outside of medical and research contexts. Using psychedelics can produce overwhelming and uncomfortable experiences, which becomes more likely with high doses, in first-time users, and when adequate preparation or setting are not available.

The Zendo Project provides a safe space and professionally trained staff to care for individuals at festivals, concerts, and other events where psychedelic substance use may be present. Zendo Project staff and volunteers also work closely with event security and medical response teams to provide comprehensive psychedelic first aid services.

We’re asking for $50,000 to expand the Zendo Project’s services at festivals around the world. Increasing numbers of event producers are recognizing the need for psychedelic harm reduction services at their events and asking for these services—we need your help to get there.

Donate to expand psychedelic harm reduction at festivals and events.

By making a donation and sharing our campaign, you’re helping:

  • Complete construction for our new Zendo structure
  • Train volunteers and develop new resources for public trainings
  • Expand our capacity to deliver psychedelic support services at festivals and events around the world

Every gift—no matter the size—helps us provide community-based compassionate care to people having a difficult psychedelic experience.

You can find all their information and help join the cause by clicking the link below.

Pass along the word and share the Zendo Project’s Youtube video with family and friends!


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