Inside the Deep Web Drug Lab

Wouldn’t it be awesome if drug dealers were required to label the contents of their product? You would be able to make informed, educated decisions on which dealer to use and limit your risk of consuming dangerous adulterants.  Unfortunately, drugs being illegal and all, I doubt we’ll be able to count on the FCC to swoop in and start government regulation anytime soon. Fortunately, one man has decided to take on the challenge himself. Dr. Fernando Caudevilla (or DoctorX, as he’s Silk Road Testing Labknown as online) now a service where those who purchase illegal substances on the deep web can mail in a small portion and have their loot tested for chemical makeup and purity. This international service is an incredible blessing to the drug-using community worldwide. His work also includes giving advice and counseling to drug users who have health-related questions they might feel uncomfortable asking their family GP.
I recently found this article about Dr. X and his service on I love knowing there are people out there donating their time and energy assisting the drug-using population when the majority of the world has already written us of. Thank you DoctorX! I hope many more follow your shining example!
Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Welcome to DoctorX’s Barcelona lab, where the drugs you bought online are tested for safety and purity. No questions asked.
Standing at a table in a chemistry lab in Barcelona, Cristina Gil Lladanosa tears OPEN a silver, smell-proof protective envelope. She slides out a transparent bag full of crystals. Around her, machines whir and hum, and other researchers mill around in long, white coats.
She is holding the lab’s latest delivery of a drug bought from the “deep web,” the clandestine corner of the internet that isn’t reachable by normal search engines, and is home to some sites that require special SOFTWAREto access. Labeled as MDMA (the street term is ecstasy), this SAMPLE has been shipped from Canada. Lladanosa and her colleague Iván Fornís Espinosa have also received drugs, anonymously, from people in China, Australia, Europe and the United States.
“Here we have speed, MDMA, cocaine, pills,” Lladanosa says, pointing to vials full of red, green, blue and clear solutions sitting in labeled boxes.
Since 2011, with the launch of Silk Road, anybody has been able to safely buy illegal drugs from the deep web and have them delivered to their door. Though the FBI shut down that black market in October 2013, other outlets have emerged to fill its role. For the last 10 months the lab at which Lladanosa and Espinosa work has OFFERED a paid testing service of those drugs. By sending in SAMPLES for analysis, users can know exactly what it is they are buying, and make a more informed decision about whether to ingest the substance. The group, called Energy Control, which has being running “harm reduction” PROGRAMS since 1999, is the first to run a testing service explicitly geared towards verifying those purchases from the deep web.” CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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