Musical Gem Spotlight: Mainliner by Second Hand

I’m always a little excited when I find a new song about heroin that I haven’t heard before. But when I find a true gem of a song about heroin, it just needs to be shared. I found this song on a Youtube playlist, “The 50 Best Psychedelic Rock Songs of the 60’s” or something like that. It’s from a British band who was apparently somewhat obscure even back in 1969 when this song was released, Second Hand. It’s called Mainliner, and as the title suggests it’s about a heroin addict who is being implored by the vocalist to stop before it’s too late and he suffers the fate of an untimely death like so many junkies before him. It’s hauntingly beautiful and melancholy, almost operatic. It’s melody is decidedly 1960’s and the pace is slow, yet meaningful. If you are into psychedelic rock from that era, I’m sure you’ll love it. If you’re more accustomed to modern pop music, you might have a difficult time listening to it. But give it a try, it’s truly beautiful, both lyrically and musically. I’m adding it to my Ultimate Junky Playlist found HERE under the Music section of my blog.

Mainliner by Second Hand


One thought on “Musical Gem Spotlight: Mainliner by Second Hand

  1. Another one from a British band in the sixties is Kicks by Paul Revere and the Raiders. Check it out and tell if they ain’t singin about doin the dope.


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