POLL: What’s Your DoC?

Given the name of my blog, you might assume my Drug of Choice is heroin. But given my name, you may think it’s DMT. I’ll let you wonder about that one for a moment. Right now, I want to learn about you! What’s your Drug of Choice? How do you get your rocks off? Do you chase the dragon? Rock the pookie? Mellow out with a nice bowl of kush? Tell me your preference by selecting your DoC in the poll below. Prefer something a little out of the ordinary? If it’s not an available option, write in your favorite drug and tell us what makes it your number one psychoactive substance. What about your drug resonates with you and causes you to choose it before all else? Whatever you choose, sing its praises in the comment section below! How you get high tells a lot about you and I want to know what makes your tick!


2 thoughts on “POLL: What’s Your DoC?

  1. I love it – nice thinking out of the box and a great combo. Wouldn’t be my first choice, even if we were just talking psychedelics, but I can see it being a lot of fun. I think I would choose 4-aco-dmt with multiple DMT blast offs for the after part and 2c-i and pot to come down with. One if I was promised LSD with 2c-e earlier or later in the week 🙂


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