Agora Marketplace

Silk Road 3It’s old news by now that the Silk Road 2.0 was shut down. Not wasting any time, it wasn’t long after that the Silk Road 3.0 was launched. Before the first shut down, Silk Road was basically the only dog in town. Sure, there were other drug selling sites all over the deep web, but none with the same features and credibility of the Silk Road. For instance, they didn’t have seller reviews and ratings, or a forum to exchange information on different sellers, experiences and products, none of them offered escrow to protect your funds, and most importantly none of them had near the Silk Road’s diverse selection. There was perhaps one drug I could never find on the Silk Road. In general they are a cacophony of every pill and illicit drug you could dream of.

After Silk Road 1.0 was shut down, online drug buyers everywhere waited with baited breath until its second edition was finally up and running. I used a couple of other smaller sites in the meantime to quench my craving for online drug shopping.  One panned out, the other did not. It was a crap shoot. After the Silk Road 2.0 was shut down last November, the site proved it learned from its mistakes after the shutdown of 1.0 and were able to quickly re-launch without much down time. But users did not want to be left high and dry marketplaceagoraduring the next inevitable shutdown. They had already started exploring different alternatives to what was once the monopoly of the online drug trade. Slowly a market started growing that would soon threaten the Silk Road with some serious competition. As Silk Road 2.0 went dark, users migrated to Agora Marketplace, despite the fact that it’s still in its BETA stage.  Even with the Silk Road 3.0 up and running, Agora has stuck around and proved to be viable competition to the online drug powerhouse. It’s said to have an even larger selection than even the Silk Road. In addition, there is exclusivity to Agora. You have to be given an invite link by another user to gain access to the site. Agora also offers a larger variety of products; it does not limit sales exclusively to drugs. The site allows other illicit contraband such as weapons, while the Silk Road left weapon sales to its sister site, The Amory. Beside this one exception, Agora maintains very similar policies on what is not permissible. Stolen goods like credit cards, child pornography, assassin services and weapons of mass destruction are still forbidden. (If you think forbidding the sale of these types of services would be a given, many sites on the deep, like Evolution, make their bread and butter this way.)

Agora PotI was going to provide my readers with an invitation link to join Agora themselves, but it appears as for now, Agora BETA has limited the number of registered users it is permitting during its BETA phase, but will re-open its doors once the full release is launched. Don’t worry; I will be sure to inform you the minute I find out its open to the public. In the meantime, Silk Road is still a tried and true option, although the inventory is a bit smaller than its 2.0 predecessor. But since it was just raided and shut down not more than two months ago, chances are likely it won’t be down again for quite some time. A word of caution to anyone using any of these sites; keep your bitcoin off the site unless you are making an immediate transaction. Leaving a balance in your account will inevitably hurt you the next time either of these sites are raided. All of your bitcoin will be confiscated. Also, online hackers look for people with a balance in their account. Keep your money out of the hands of thieves and the government! Only transfer your bitcoin when you are making an immediate transaction!


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