WRITTEN OFF: The Short, Sad, Beautiful Life of Matt Edwards

I recently received an email from a woman whose son, Matt, passed away too early from a heroin overdose. You may have read her blog before, http://mydeadsonsjournals.wordpress.com.

As personal as it is, her story is one that can sadly be repeated all over the country. Every day people die from heroin and painkiller abuse. Despite that, everyday new people decide to experiment with the drug as well.  There is no doubt that each and every one of you is affected by opiate abuse in someway. You may not know your friend or family member is addicted, but chances are there is someone close to you in your life who is.

Before anything serious can be done to combat this issue, we as a country have to recognize the magnitude of the problem. The problem is most people are ashamed and embarrassed of their or their loved one’s addiction. So they stay in the shadows and don’t talk about it in order to save face with their neighbors and communities. But Matt’s mom is taking a very admirable and proactive approach to this often dark and secretive issue by trying to fund a film that will bring heroin addiction to the forefront of our minds. You can view the trailer and campaign video below.

If this is an issue that is important to you, if human liberty and respect for all people is important to you, join Matt’s mom by donating whatever you can to get this film off the ground. They only have 21 days to raise the money. Every little bit helps, so no donation is too small.

I’d like to thank Matt’s mom for bringing this to my attention. I hope this blog post helps her raise the money she needs, and that this film will go on to help everybody who is struggling with an opiate addiction.


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