A Video Tribute to the Man I Love

I can only pray that since we’re capable of feeling love this strong on this terrestrial planet, that Celestial love must be unfathomably more beautiful. I pray that the souls who fought against evil during the first great battle and won the right to our bodies will know a new kind of love to which there is no comparison and no end and that I may feel that love, both for and from, you – Greg.


2 thoughts on “A Video Tribute to the Man I Love

  1. So touching. I am so very sorry for your loss. Hopefully with time, you can continue in your life and keep him in your heart while being able to go on with your life. A love like that doesn’t come around often. That being said, I’m sure that he would want you to be happy. I have been praying for you. I know how hard death is, but I have never losses a significant other. I can only slightly begin to comprehend the amount of pain you are in. It will get better. Stay strong.


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