Phish Song of the Day – David Bowie 1990-11-02

So, I’ve pretty much finalized my set list for my Phantasy Phish show. Now, I’m trying to pick my favorite versions of each song. Which is really, really hard. Impossible, frankly. There are just too many great versions, each unique and special in their own right. But I’m having a damn good time trying to pick favorites. While today’s featured Phish song didn’t actually make my Phantasy show cut, it’s such a phenomenal version which deserved some recognition. This is Phish playing “David Bowie” in Boulder Colorado, at the University of Colorado on 1990-11-02. Although I wasn’t even in high school yet when they played this show, I’m still upset that I missed the days of Phish playing in small venues and college campuses. I didn’t see my first show until the tail end of 1996. Then promptly moved out of New Jersey, over to the West Coast. Bad move for seeing a lot of Phish shows. Although it did put me in Utah during the Dark Side of the Moon show, which I did see live.

“David Bowie” is always a crowd favorite. It’s got to rank into my top five favorite Phish songs of all time, for sure. While some versions are irrefutably better than others, it’s kinda like pizza and sex. Even a bad Bowie can’t be all that bad. After all – it’s still a Bowie.

So crank up your speakers and end your work week on a high note.

 ❤ ☮ & ♪♫♪


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