Eye Candy Part 2

There are just so much beautiful art work that to me seems DMT inspired that I had to make a follow up edition to Eye Candy For Your Blast Off. Part one can be found HERE, if you haven’t already seen it.

Whether these artists have ever experienced a trip to the fourth dimension or not, I’m unsure. But either way, they’ve been able to capture the spirit of what a powerful psychedelic trip is like. Actually, people who are able to come up with these images on their own without experiencing a psychedelic trip are even more amazing to me. I’ve wanted to lean how to do fractal art for a while now. I even bought some computer software to do it, but I haven’t been able to get it to work. There is something wrong with the license key and the company has been unreachable when I’ve tried to contact them. If anyone knows of some good fractal software, I’d love for you to message me and give me the info, if you don’t mind 🙂
Anyway… without further ado… Eye Candy for Your Blast Off, Pt. 2! Music: 7 Miles, by Blockhead



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