Your Doctor Recommends Camels

Today, the idea a doctor or dentist recommending you smoke a Camel, or anything other cigarette is downright obscure! But that wasn’t always the case. Cigarette ads frequently boasted of the health benefits of cigarettes, and even enlisting the sponsorship of doctors, dentists and athletes. Today, scientific research and evidence has shown us just how bad smoking is for you. Over 443,000 people die every year thanks to theses cancer sticks. Even more are harmed from secondhand smoke, an idea that would have seem preposterous to to our grandparent’s parents. But even though we know how harmful they can be, new people start smoking every day, cigarette companies continue to find new ways to attract customers and over $35 billion dollars are wasted on cigarettes every year. That’s an appalling number. Cigarette smoke is more damaging than just about every legal and illegal drug available. And that includes heroin, cocaine or any type of psychedelic. And they’re harder to quit than just about anything else as well. Most recovered heroin addicts or alcoholics will tell you they had a much easier time quitting drugs than they did quitting cigarettes. In fact, many were never able to quit and still smoke cigarettes, despite the fact that it’s much worse for your body than the drug they were able to quit.  I can tell you first hand, I hated smoking cigarettes. Every single one that I put to my lips made me mad. But I couldn’t stop. And many other addicts I’ve talked to have felt the same way. If I hate it so much, why is it so hard to stop?!? Primary because the cigarette companies pack them full with extremely addictive chemicals, ensuring they have a customer until they kill them.

When I finally bought my vaporizer e-cig and was able to stop smoking for the first time it felt like a miracle. I tried the patch. I tried the gum. I tried a combination of both. I had tried those disposal e-cigs. I tried rechargeable e-cigs. At best, I was able to cut down to a little under a half pack a day. But as soon as I bought a vaporizer e-cig, overnight I was able to quit. Some people have given me shit saying that I haven’t really quit because I’m still smoking the e-cig. But I really don’t care if I smoke the e-cig until they day I die. It won’t give me cancer or any other physical side effects. But where smoking is killing people left and right and it’s makers are making billions of dollars on their deaths and no one has any intention of making them illegal, e-cigs are being fought left and right and many people wish to outright band them. Of course, much of this movement is led by cigarette manufactures themselves, in hopes to do away with the competition. But certainly not only of it. I would even go so far as to say not even half is the smear campaign against e-eigs is from the big, bad tobacco industry. It’s now illegal to smoke e-cigs everywhere in California. I’m not allowed to smoke them at the beach, or the park next to my house where I walk my dog. It’s absurd. But that’s not what this blog is intended to be about. So let’s more onward…

This second installment of Our Junky Forefathers takes a look at cigarette ads, before the government stepped in and declared smoke a public heath crisis. Apparently before false advertising was illegal as well. But I’ll just let you see for yourself. I really don’t think I have to give any more commentary than that. You can draw your own conclusions from these ads. I have faith that no one breathing today could be swayed by their persuasive intentions. But at least they will provide some good entertainment and have great shock value 🙂

Twentieth Century Cigarette Ads – “Your Doctor Smokes Camels!”



Sometimes I wonder why type of backwards, mixed up


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