Police: Denver Man Ate Pot-Infused Candy Before Shooting Wife

Oh Lord, here we go. Pot makes people kill other people. Got it. You see how they randomly linked the two incidents together like they one couldn’t have happened without the other? What other things happened that day that might be a more reasonable explanation for his behavior? We’ll probably not ever know, because as soon as law enforcement got the scent of drugs – and pot at that (isn’t it legal in CO???) – they just used it as another excuse to “prove” their already debunked view on drugs. Just when you think you just might see a silver lining and a positive change in the critical mass, something like this happens and you’re reminded that you don’t live in such a foreword thinking place after all. It’s rules and regulations over personal freedom are more draconian than anything else. Makes me sad 😦


A Denver man accused of shooting his wife while she was on the phone with 911 dispatchers had eaten marijuana-infused candy before the incident, authorities say.

Detectives are investigating whether the candy had influenced his actions, the Associated Press reports. Richard Kirk, 47, is being investigated as a suspect in the shooting but charges have not been filed. Investigators reportedly found receipts for “Karma Kandy Orange Ginger” and said he appeared under the influence of drugs during an interview. They’re investigating whether there were any other drugs in his system at the time of the shooting.

Kristine Kirk, 44, was shot in the head Monday almost 13 minutes into her call with 911 dispatchers. Police had not yet arrived at the time of her shooting. Throughout the call, the AP reports, Kirk said her husband, who was reportedly hallucinating and asking her to shoot him, had frightened her and…

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4 thoughts on “Police: Denver Man Ate Pot-Infused Candy Before Shooting Wife

  1. Yeah, that’s how it’s decided. In the UK, this legal high called mephedrone (“meow meow”) was banned because of a tabloid scare when two kids died after binge drinking. Then it turned out they weren’t even on mephedrone at all. That was a long time ago, but they keep beating the dead horse.


  2. I looked up meow meow penis (God save my search history). Literally just propaganda I think, the pic for the article was of a man chopping salami. Hopefully this isn’t the stuff that people look at when deciding drug legislation


  3. Yeah, it is sad. I usually cover these and I was going to write about this one, but it turned into a piece about the latest anti-marijuana study. People seem to like those media on drugs posts (maybe for the wrong reasons), but after the “meow meow severed penis” story, I don’t think I can handle it any more. It makes me sick. But I do like coming up with the headlines. “Eating marijuana makes you shoot your wife, Obama disagrees.”


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