Opiate Bioavailability Chart

This is a little projected I did a while back. It lists every major opiate with its half-life and bioavailability for Oral, IM, IV, Rectal and Intranasal administration. It’s definitely a useful little tool when you find yourself with some opiate your aren’t familiar with and you want to get the most bang for your buck. You can check this chart and figure out the most effective way to take it.

Opiate Bioavailability Chart


15 thoughts on “Opiate Bioavailability Chart

  1. Thanks for writing in! I’m glad you found the chart useful, or at least entertaining 😉 I really need to finish the stimulants chart I’ve been working on and publish that. I’m almost done, but every time I think I’m finished, I think of another substance I want to add. You’re right, I could have specified some areas, but I generally try to give my readers the benefit of the doubt that they will already be aware of certain information, especially because I mention how fast heroin metabolizes into morphine several times throughout his blog, not to mention as a trivia question in my Heroin Jeopardy game. So I try not to dumb things down too much, while still being thorough and understandable. As for the half life, I think it’s a much more relevant figure than the Duration or Action. When it comes down to our daily use and how it affects us, it’s more practical to calculate and use the half life, especially since it’s become the -standard when monitoring a drugs in our bodies. And it’s much more manageable since calculating the Duration of Action includes so many variables and a formula that would be daunting to most folk. At least with the half life you have a general idea how long the drug will effect you and be in your system. That’s crucially important when dealing with drug combinations and their interactions. That was my thought process on it at least… Anyway, I do appreciate your comment and hope you spend some time perusing the rest of the blog. There is quite a bit of entertaining and informative information here, so you could definitely waste a few hours! And hopefully you’ll find the chart useful or at least entertaining the way it is! You have lit a fire under my ass to get that stimulant chart published as well (Like I don’t have enough on the agenda anyways! 😉

    Peace, Love & Rock ‘n Roll!


  2. Thank you very much for this chart. I appreciate the work you put into it.

    One note though. While half-life of Heroin is less than 10 minutes, that figure may be a bit misleading. First, Heroin metabolizes into Morphine, who’s half-life is about three hours. But really the concept of including the half-life is sort of pointless, as it tell you really nothing about the drug’s duration of action.

    The more interesting number is the Duration of Action, or how long the drug is active. Duration of action is a function of several perameters, including Half-Life, but also many other factors.


  3. Ok i just have to say the rectal roa was superb. Only done it a couple times but it gave the same feeling as a strong oxy buzz. Was shit scared to do it but like any other opiate its only as deadly as your addiction. More of a media thing. I only get tar so snorting would suck or i would try but rectally in a very non homophobic way is best for anything besides smoking. I never put anything up there but i take #2s much bigger then my baby oral syringe so although uncomfortable, was very doable and effective. I promise once u get over the phobia of putting anything where the sun dont shine, youll be all the more grateful for it. And wonder why you never did it before. Ill never try it any other way. Fast, silent, efficiant. Just be safe on dose. As more is absorbed through the 1000s of veins in ur bum. Happy hunting


  4. Your chart shows greater BA of Oxycodone orally vs intranasal ( 87% vs 50% ). It also shows oral as higher than rectal ? Why do so many people seek out OC formula Oxycontin and snort it if simply chewing it up would have a greater effect ?


  5. I completely understand your frustration. I’m at the point where I IM about 85% of the time now, I’ve even started smoking from time to time. It just gets worse with time, no matter how well you take care of your veins. To answer your question, you definitely want the needle on the syringe when you suck up the liquid, then you cut the tip off or transfer it to a needle you’ve already prepared with no tip. You can also buy syringes online that are reusable, where you need to buy the needle tip separately and screw it in, except don’t buy all the tips, just the body of the syringe. That way you can clean it an use it indefinitely. An oral syringe will work too, but you just want to make sure it’s slender enough to be comfortable.

    You said your using brown heroin? Is it powder or tar? You might want to try smoking it again, if you haven’t already. I was surprised how well it worked for me when I tried it again after almost a decade without. Good luck. I feel your frustration. Let me know how the rectal RoA works if you decide to try it!


  6. Great info I’m at the point where i can’t use my veins anymore. Well i can some, but they’re usually so small that i barely feel anything.i just get not sick. Totally sux!! I was thinking about trying it rectally, now i have syringes with a needle and i saw your image and read what and how to do it but one question do i break off the needle before or after i draw up the brown? Will i be able to draw up without the needle there i didn’t want screw it up ya know. I’m at my witts ends with this shit i bought 15 bundles last night for me and my gf and ive done 9 myself already in 8hrs and the dope isn’t bad my gf gets floored by it and so does everyone else i give it to they say it’s pretty good shit so wtf why can’t i get high anymore I’m wasting thousands of dollars every week this is driving me crazy i know should quit but that’s another issue, i just don’t know what to do anymore your info has been truly helpful if you have any advice I’m all ears


  7. A lot, and I mean A LOT of digging and searching. I put the whole thing together from scratch and it took me about a month to get all the numbers accurate and find the most reliable and reputable resources possible. I’m working on one for uppers and amphetamines as well. As one as chart for benzo’s and psychedelics. But they are nowhere near as easy to find accurate references for. The opiate one I’m confident is correct however. But if i could change one thing on it, I would include smoking as an RoA. There just wasn’t enough information to accurately include it in each category. I’m glad you can appreciate it and I hope it help you in your future drug experimentation! Ps. Rectal was definitely one I was adamant about getting on there right, since it’s one of my all time favorite RoA’s (although not so much with heroin since it’s bioavailability is a little low. But with speed it’s banging! The next best thing to the needle if you ask me – and credible science for that matter 😉 Wish I had thought to include a bibliography, but I guess you’ll just have to trust that my research was thorough and complete, lol. Thanks for reading!!! xoxox

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  8. This is awesome! Where’d you get the numbers? Ive never been able to find a solid source for heroin BAs. Rectal is especially hard to find any info on. Thx!


  9. This is an awesome project you did! Very cool indeed and very helpful! Many people don’t know at all, so this helps! Great job DD!


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