Free Narcan For Everyone!

With all of this talk about Narcan being made available, I wanted to shed light on another wonderful service that the Needle Exchange in DTLA offers.  Homeless NaloxoneHealthcare Los Angeles – Center for Harm Reduction – or as must junkies in the area know it The Needle Exchange, offers a variety of potentially life-saving programs and classes, including an Overdose prevention class, usually offered Wednesday mornings. If you sit through the 1 hours class on how to prevent over doses and what to do when they happen to limit the chances of the police showing up, then they give each attendee two free prescriptions of Narcan. Can any junkie afford not to utilize this service? And they have been doing this for years. Obviously this only helps a very small percentage of IV drug users out there since in only in Los Angeles. But most people don’t know that this service exists here. I would suggestion finding out where your closest needle exchange is and find out what services they offer. HHLA also offers IV drug users free acupuncture, one-on-one therapy sessions, Methadone and Suboxone programs, Free HIV and Hep C testing, doctor services for abscesses and other IV drug related problems, support classes, jewelry making, yoga, art classes and so so so much more, even housing services. Pick up a monthly calendar when you go in to stay up to date on their monthly activities. Take advantage of these services, they are only available to IV drug users.  You don’t have to feel embarrassed, no one is going to try to change you. They are just there to support an under represented class of society. And the free Narcan could definitely save your life.

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