The Street Addict Role

The Street Addict Role

This book does a great job of supporting the point I was trying to make in an earlier post. Heroin addicts, and other hard substance users, cling to the role that society has created for them, e.g. an unwanted outcast of society who can offer nothing productive or worthwhile to their community. It’s tragic that users feel they have to fit this role. Drug use does not equal inferiority, laziness or worthlessness. If people were really interest in drug reform, they would stop trying to make drug users feel less than human. Berating someone’s self-esteem will never be long term solution to “fix” drug addicts. Users need to know that they are just as valuable, just as worth loving as straight members of society. Maybe if more drug addicts felt this way, they would be more interested in recovery. But when everyone’s actions around you tell you that you will never be as good a person, or a parent, or an employee, as those who were never addicted to drugs, why on earth would they have any interest in quitting?


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