What’s Your DoC?

So everybody who doesn’t live under a rock knows that my DoC is heroin. Although DMT, LSD and THC are really high up there – many times even preferable, but not for daily regular use like heroin. But I want to find out about you. What’s your Drug of Choice. How do you get your kicks? Do you chase the dragon? Hit the crack pipe? Mellow out with a nice bowl of kush? Just click on your answer in the blew poll to answer my one question survey, and let me know what your favorite recreational substance is. Please feel free to add your own answers, select multiple choices, or explain your reasoning. I’d like to hear what makes your tick.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your DoC?

  1. Actually the name just changed… deemsterdiva.blogspot.com. Everything should still be up there. But that’s a good idea. I’ll repost the Eye Candy video and make another one. I watched it during my last blast off, and it’s still good but now I’m used to it :p


  2. Hey just noticed your blogspot is finally officially down but there was still good stuff on there. Is any of it getting reposted or you keeping it fresh? Also you should post another “eye candy” when you get the chance


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