Jazz Fest!! 2010

Jazz Fest (3)
T-Shirt Reads: Love Your Pussy 🙂

Jazz fest is never a disappointment! Every year I get so excited when the lineup is announced! And with Phish playing this coming Jazz Fest, I thought I would revisit some of my past Jazz Fest experienced! Here is my recap of Jazz Fest 2010.

Day 1-
We knew it was going to rain and came prepared! We brought tons of rain gear, jackets, hats boots everything! But.. we  didn’t except how much rain there would be! Around 1p massive electrical storms started. Baaba Maal came on at 2p – so we definitely waited to see him. i spent the entire concert in complete downpour, Woodstock style! It was worth it though 🙂 We also checked out Little Freddie King Blues Band, Lena Priva, George Clinton and Funkadelic and actually made it through to the end for Steele Pulse. The entire field was mud pool by that point. It was an absolute downpour the entire time. Totally nuts, but it kept the crowds down.

Jazz FestThat night we went down to Scarlet O’hara’s for dinner and saw a local jazz trio play. That was really a surprising treat. They were awesome.

Day 2-
Again, we were prepared for the rain. It was supposed to rain harder even than the day before. The skies were black all morning through the after noon but the rain never came! It was a beautiful temp. There was mud everywhere though… like, I mean, everywhere! We played in the mud all day. The big bands that day were Cowboy Mouth, The Funky Meters, Better than Ezra and Simon and Garfunkel. Simon and Garfunkel were awesome for obvious reasons. But Cowboy mouth put on an amazing show! I’ve always really liked them.

Day 3-
Hot and Sunny! Super crowded but it was still a lot of fun. I checked out Jeremy Davenport, The Radiators, Allman Brothers, Darirus Rucker and Johnny Lang.

These are just the highlights. There were a lot more smaller shows that I checked out as well!Jazz Fest Crawfish

I ate boiled crawfish for breakfast, lots of raw oysters, gumbo and tons of backed crawfish on cheesy bread. All sorts of Creole goodies! Bands and parades broke out everywhere we were. It’s awesome to walk down the street and have a separate 5 piece brass band on every corner. The music was so much fun!

New Orleans is a great time, but it’s definitely one of those places that – when it’s all over – it’s good to come home 🙂


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