The Silk Road Pt. 2

This is the second post in my series on the Silk Road. To read the rest, click the link below!

The Silk Road Pt. 1

The Silk Road Pt. 3

Picking up where I left off…. Still being fresh to the Silk Road, I paid for the vile through PayPal in cash. It was also cheaper than the other viles. Although he did say that was because a lot of people were uneasy with the no escrow. He was also in partnership with the chemist and doing this at the cheapest price. So while my first bitcoin transaction was processing, I went ahead with it. Also, I remember I ordered this the morning that we left for the Gorge, and I wanted to make sure it was here in time for Dicks – ruling out the Bowl and Tahoe since they were too soon. Anyway, I was easy able to get a sheet of acid in the meantime from a local acid dealer. Side note to all acid dealers out there I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! This seller, just like the rest of the psychedelic dealers I know out there was all about spreading the love. This wasn’t about the money – all they want to do in this world is spread the love and glory of acid! You are all living on a higher spiritual plane, and I sincerely thank you for spreading the love and the beauty of acid – while taking a huge risk in the process! He didn’t consider himself a “drug dealer” and neither do I. Acid dealers share mind opening experiences. There’s no money, not for the dealer and not for the chemist, only the desire to spread the joy of LSD. So THANK YOU ALL! That is why you are all loved in my book! Many hugs and kisses from me to you *MAWH

Anyway, he was also super good in communicating and keeping me updated on the shipment and since it was my first time, he was extremely patient and understanding of all my stupid questions. He was extremely helpful, teaching me the ropes and especially as the transaction got odd, he was must have been confused by me, but was always tolerant.

So I soon got the shipping confirmation and was super stoked. The chemist (also located in the Netherlands) had shipped it out himself. I believe I got back on a Tuesday and it was supposed to take about a week and to arrive. But then when I checked my mail on Thursday, it had already arrived. Pretty odd. Can something arrive that quickly – 2 days! From overseas?? Also, it wasn’t a vile like originally depicted in the posting. It was 50 Imodium pills, undisputedly hit with 3 drops of liquid each. The drops were clear as day. Someone went through the painstaking process of dosing each of those little pills, much like Altoids, with 3 distinct drops. I was skeptical, but there it was. Clearly.

At this point, despite the friendly open nature of the seller there are four red flags already thrown.

1. The cheapest acid on the SR by far for the quantity (although that could have been caulked up to bulk purchasing and dealing direct with the chemist)

2. PayPal Required – not Bitcoins. Waving any right for escrow and an instant loss of money

3. Did NOT come as described. Clearly stating in the ad a custom made glass vile. NOT PLAIN IMODIUM.

4. Shipment was lighting fast. But still clearly stamped from a Netherlands post office.

I emailed the guy to let him know I got it. He seemed happily surprised, but a little uneasy that it arrived so early. His real concern though

An Individual list of LSD on the Silk Road today. Includes, photo, description, purchasing details and seller reviews.
An Individual list of LSD on the Silk Road today. Includes, photo, description, purchasing details and seller reviews.

was the pills. He still insisted that is should have been a vile and asked repeatedly if there was any way it could have been another order. I said no, because I had just deposited my first round of bitcoins and was in the process of making my second order of products, a bulk purchase of my products this time, since I had the desired funding. But he said he’d ask the chemist about that – he couldn’t verify because he never actually touched the product since the chemist prepped and shipped it. But I told him I’d let him know how it was when I tried it and post in his forum.

So that Friday night, both anxious and excited, I took them over to my boyfriend’s pad to try them out. Optimistically apprehensive, we both decided to take two at first. 6 doses, but we had been taking acid nonstop for practically the whole summer, if not the whole year. So we wanted to make sure we took a solid dose to be able to judge. First let me emphasis how absolutely VILE and HORRID these things were. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. It was very hard to fight the urge not to spit it right now. If they were going negate on the vile – can’t they at least put in on something good? Some mints? Some gum? Anything besides these nasty pills that tasted like chalk and medicine and terribleness all in one. Oh it was bad.

But, I did my duty, and kept them in for quite a bit of time just to make sure that I got every last drop (just in case) before I swallowed it. Once swallowed the Imodium immediately made me terribly nauseous, foaming in my stomach. But whatever… I kept it down. I wasn’t about to give up good acid. Even though, any acid probably would have already been absorbed sublingually, I wasn’t going to risk it.

The Silk Road's best selling DMT listings as of today. Photo, country of origin and price included.
The Silk Road’s best selling DMT listings as of today. Photo, country of origin and price included.

At this point I start thinking the worst. What I’d been stifling in my gut since they first arrived. “What a dumb ass, blindly ingesting something that I buy from some stranger on an illicit website. Who knows what those liquid drops could be. Probably not LSD.” But then really is that any different than buying from a stranger in a lot or maybe even the dumbest – from craigslist. Which I’ve done a million times when my dealers disappeared or fell through for other things. Oh well… the dead was done. At least we had both taken them.

And of course, those fears become reality as we wait and wait and wait. Feeling more like dumbasses with each tick from the clock. Luckily, we had some A+++++ Superior Canadian rolls left over from a concert and some MXE. Before we delved into the alternate stockpile, we did try one more pill just to make sure. All the while I was scream expletives at the devil that took the time to dose these nasty tasting things and send them half way around the globe to trick us, while using the most disgusting method of administration possible. Oh I was going to write a HEATED letter to the seller. Who knows, there is still some hope that he would respond and amends. But the chances were very slim and I knew that. But as we turned the night around with our stash of other drugs, we drafted the letter that I was going to send out the following morning. And as the other drugs hit in, our night did turn out wonderful, even though out mood was sheepish and foolish as we repeated over and over in our head what fools we were for ignoring all the warning signs.

I had almost no hope left when I finally sent the letter to the seller listing everything that went wrong with the order. Honestly, I was not expecting a reply. But shockingly I received a reply within only a few hours! There is good humanity left in the world! I knew I could count on my trusted acid dealers. ❤ His response sounded really shocked. All of his other customers had no complaints with the product, and he had originally thought it was odd that it would have arrived so early and not in the described packaging – but again – since he hadn’t shipped the order, he couldn’t confirm. So although he had no real explanation, he asked that I hold on for another week and see if anything else arrives, since the post really shouldn’t get to me for at least another week. I was encouraged by his response, but still didn’t really expect anything else to arrive. But I kept an open mind since his response did seem sincere. And his initial reaction was desire to be helpful.

That was a Monday. Wednesday I got another one of my orders that I had placed the week before with real bitcoins, in escrow- 3 types of DMT from Mexico. Each product was sampled upon arrival. (And then again and maybe once again… just to make sure ;-). All three products were straight from the 4th dimension! Some of the best quality DMT I’ve had. And that seller was really awesome too. He makes his own product in Mexico and was detailed in each type’s description and variety. I still order from him to this day. I love his stuff.

Example for feedback left for a seller on the seller's forum.
Example for feedback left for a seller on the seller’s forum.

So my hopes for the Silk Road were lifted. There were at least SOME reliable and reputable sellers and I was going to find them. But then on Friday there was another package in the mail. Low and Behold! It was a vile of Acid! And it came exactly how it was described in the ad… which is good because the ad was super detailed. I let the dealer know immediately. And since he had been really excellent in communicating with me, I really wanted to give him a good rating, which I was able to do with no problem on his personal seller’s forum. I wasted no time sampling and sharing, to get other people’s opinions. It was the real deal and I have 250 hits of it!! Jeeze – I think I blew through it in like 4 months – along with two other full sheets, a few 10 strips and 3 or 4 half-full viles. (I think this spunion went through too much acid, lol)

But the question still remained… HOW and WHY on earth had that other mystery package arrived with the bogus pills??? It was especially weird since someone took the time to fake dose all those pills!! I can’t image what someone was thinking when they thought of some dumb wookette trying to get spun on the worst tasting plain Imodium on the planet. It’s like a joke now – I didn’t get Custie’d I got Imodium’d. Lulz.

But the time and effort that was put into that scam is no joke and is mind boggling to me! Was it a warning that I was being watched? Just a practical joke? Another message of some sort? I am baffled still to this day, and no doubt will be for the rest of my life – one of those hopeless unsolved mysteries. I really doubt I’ll ever find out why or how that happened. Or what I’m the most curious about – By Who??

But that was not the last of the odd string of mailings that occurred after I started using the Silk Road. Weird things kept happening with each of the next few purchases. About two weeks later, after my second full transaction was complete, I received a random bag of Ayahuasca in the mail. Could it have been from the DMT seller? I PM’d him to ask and he knew nothing about it. Odd, but okay. I guess I’ll take some free Ayahuasca. After all, one should not seek it out; it will always come to you when the timing is right. I have another example of an incident of that happening that is not SR related, but maybe I’ll share after this SR encounter is written.

The MDMA category homepage on the Silk Road. Sellers, products, prices and country or origin included.

Shortly after that, a third incident occurred. This time I got a mystery bag of white powder, clearly shipped again from the Netherlands. I had just ordered some MDMA (white powder) and some 2-CE (also white powder), as well as some crystal DMT (also white powder but from Mexico). But both were shipped from the Americas, although processed in Amsterdam and had already arrived. The DMT was still in transit, but it usually took 2-3 weeks. And this bag was clearly from Amsterdam and had no other markings. I smelled it – (definitely not DMT) and I tasted it – thinking I might be able to recognize its bite, but I couldn’t. It definitely didn’t taste like regular Molly. It was kinda weird.

I was also having problems logging into the Silk Road to ask the sellers. As it happened, Tor had updated and I needed to install and customize the latest version– which changes frequently. Once I was able to get everything back in working order, everyone said their orders went out exactly as outlined. No extra freebees or anything like that. So, I did what any good druggie would do, and I dosed the white powder. On a microgram level – as to avoid complete overdoes on some odd RC. It definitely got my high as a kite, pretty rolly. But not the same as the previous MDMA I had ordered. Or any I had ever taken. My guess is it was some sort of RC made to simulate MDA or MDMA, but with a slight psychedelic effect. I don’t know. Whatever…. Can’t complain about that one I guess? If I knew what it was I would have ordered more.

All of that occurred in the course of about 6 weeks but then eventually things cooled down and the unexplained mailings stopped arriving (besides my continuing SR orders). Most orders have been smooth since then. Next I’ll go into some more explainable situations that happened. But as for these incidents, I doubt I’ll ever know what was going on. Was it a string of related events? Was it one person behind each? Or were they independent, some perhaps by human error. Overall, I received more free drugs in the mail than Imodium. That was a onetime occurrence. So If the Universe wants to send me free drugs, I decided do be it! I will gladly and humbly accept them.:)

Next session I’ll go into buying shrooms, GHB, opiates and some other RC’s. I really need to put another purchase in soon…. I just need to deposit some more bitcoins. At least the process is much easier now that it’s established. I just have a lot of live, in-person drug dealers that I love using, but I can’t get the same type of obscurities like I can on the SR. I’ll keep this board posted as I do purchase.

❤ ☮ & ♪♬



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