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  1. Hey!! You are looking at my old site, I never check this or I would have got your message sooner! I waited for you for like two hours at the subway stop across the street. I got the number you left here. I hope it still works. I’ll hit you up tomorrow. Email me at phishconaut@gmail.com if I can’t reach you. And Ps. check out heroinismyheroin.wordpress.com (in case you didn’t get the message from the blog itself 😉 I don’t know why traffic keeps coming here. The content on the other site is much more current. So glad you got a hold of me!


  2. Hey there cherry hill. Its Austin. I hpoe you are well. We got.split.up last night. I couldn’t find you in china town. I got some goodie for.us. call me.if you.get this. I love this site!!!!!!!


  3. I have to admit to misreading the initial post. I responded thinking you were talking about withdraw not overdose. I apologize for no paying closer attention. I don’t know how I could have made that mistake. But either way, thanks for sending over you study. I appreciate the fact that you took the topic so seriously and all the effort that was put into it. I’m also very glad you are giving me the opportunity to bring up a topic that I’ve wanted to address for quite some time, and that’s Sudden Death Syndrome among heroin users. I definitely agree with the points you make in your research. Heroin/Morphine is definitely non toxic, and you are correct in saying that Heroin is simply a pro-drug for Morphine, synthesizing into Morphine within seconds of hitting your blood stream. In addition, almost all heroin overdoses are due to combining alcohol or benzo’s with heroin. Heroin and cocaine is another common combination that causes people to OD because of the chemical reaction between the two drugs. Overdose on heroin alone, without any contributing outside factors are extremely rare. To say that they are non-existent though, is not accurate. Heroin overdose does happen when someone has an extremely low tolerance and take a dose of heroin that is too much for their system to bear, it will stop their breathing since heroin is a respiratory depressant. What I take as a single dose multiple times a day, would cause most people to OD in an instant. I’ve seen it happen where the person OD’d simply on heroin/morphine itself. A good example of how this happens is when people take fenynal mistaking it for heroin. They definitely die due to too much opiates, despite the fact that it’s not necessarily toxic. But it is not common, as you suggest. Also, if you are referring to heroin not being the cause of the OD because it’s simply Morphine, then yes, you are correct. My debate is if you are saying that opiates in general aren’t responsible for overdose. The topic that I’m happen you created the space for me to discuss is Sudden Death Syndrome by Heroin. I’m not going to do into it here, I’m going to create a blog post about this. But there are many instances where people inject heroin and pass away immediately, causing it to be classified as a heroin overdose, but if the medical staff in charge of autopsy would be more diligent and actually take a closer look, they would find the cause to be something else entirely. Perhaps it’s from cut in the heroin, but too much opiates in the system is not the final killer. Nobody really things this is an important enough distinction to make, but I bet we’d learn a lot if the medical community would take this seriously. Stay tuned for a blog post explaining all! Thank you again for writing in and sending me your research! I’m very glad you took the time to reach out to me! Keep in touch! Peace and Love, D_D

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  4. It is possible he is talking about diacetylmorphine overdoses. Diacetylmorphine turns into 6-monoacetylmorphine and morphine, which is more likely what is responsible for “heroin overdoses.”

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  5. As a Forensic Pathologist, I can assure you that fatal heroin overdose is extremely real. I have first hand evidence from so many cases I’ve lost count. Please do not spread such misinformation – to do such a thing is highly irresponsible and unspeakably dangerous.


  6. Matt, thanks for writing in. In regards to heroin withdraw, I would completely agree with you.
    Opiate withdraw is miserable and horrid to go through. You might wish you were dead, but you will not die. Score one for the heroin addicts. But be warned, addicts of alcohol and benzodiazepams (Xanax, valium, kolonipin, and about a dozen others)! These are the two most commonly used recreational drugs that just might be fatal during withdraw. If you are preparing to detox from alcohol or benzos, please seek medical advice and be very, very careful. Although not the norm, there is the chance of death during withdraw if not done safely. That being said, there have been a few documented deaths due to Methadone withdraw, but they were under extreme circumstances where starvation or dehydration was present. The body was already weak and wasn’t strong enough to endure the rigors of such a severe withdraw. I’d definitely be interested in seeing any information you have on the subject. Please feel free to leave it on my blog, or email me directly at deemsterdiva@gmail.com. I love reading the latest scientific studies on all issues regarding the pharmacology of recreational drug use. Thx!


  7. Dear Deemster, what if I told you there has never been any evidence whatsoever to support the concept of fatal “heroin overdose”. And there is much evidence showing it does not exist. How would you respond? I have a comprehensive presentation explaining the situation if you are interested. Matt.

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  8. Whatsup guys. Been chillin workin here in Katy , got a dude who usually gets me my stuff which is cool n all but fuck lately he been all sorts of fucked up on bars with the China, n that’s all we could get lately. We would get tar from him all the time n he gets so barred out he loses a bunch of money so he cant reup on tar. N we feel like the China is gettin worse n we jus want a new tar connect. Tried the Craig’s list thing but everyone posts pics now so it’s real slim to find any “hints”… Yadadamean. If anyone can help me out in the katy tex area lmk I’m a goof constant customer


  9. I have been fighting the heroin demon for 14 years already. I’ve never done China white for sure. Someone claimed it was but the rush didn’t kick in right away, it took a while so I’m thinking it was crushed up oxy or fentanyl. Anyways if you need some tips on how to quit I have some good ones, our you just wanna talk text me 4805502862 good luck.

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  10. Thanks for your marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author.
    I will remember to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back very soon. I want
    to encourage you continue your great posts, have a nice day!

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  11. Hello Rudy Toot,

    Although I agree with the basic sentiment of your comment – I have to say that there are pejorative terms for users of other drugs. For example: Piss head – alcohol user. Stoner – cannabis/marijuana user. Speed/whizz freak – amphetamine user.
    I’m sure there must be pejorative terms for users of other drugs. Anyone else care to step into the breach?

    Happy October Everybody ; )

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  12. Hey there! I always respond to my readers! I love hearing from you and getting to know your stories. I think this site is a great opportunity for like-minded, often solitary people to come and get to know each other and learn and be entertained at the same time in an environment that’s completely nonjudgmental and on their side. I know that many users feel alone and separated from the rest of society because of their addiction and I want them all to know that they are not alone. We can all be there to support each other, not tear each other down. So thank you for your great comments! Nothing makes me happier than when I find out I’m actually reaching people. 🙂
    I understand what you mean about being bothered by the lack of productivity. As a freelancer, I need to be motivated to get any work at all. And without constant vigilance, I can do absolutely nothing in a day before I even realize it. And then 7 days are strung together like that. Even with constant vigilance, I’m probably only a fraction as productive as I would be without heroin. Especially considering all the time it takes to find it and get it and prepare it and do all the things that junkies need to do to survive. It’s amazing how much energy and time it takes. I think it’s funny how you say you use heroin to be social. I used to think that too. Before I discovered that any long term heroin use leads to chronic shyness and low self esteem. You think you need it to be social, but even on it you’re still 200% more awkward and anti-social than you ever were before starting to use. It’s one of those funny, unexplained, but almost universal things about addiction. I’m very glad to hear that you are trying to keep yourself in check though. That’s the only way to achieve even a mild bit of success in this game, if you can really call it success at all. Failing just a little bit less would probably be more accurate, lol :). Anyway, please feel free to email me personally anytime at deemsterdiva@gmail.com. I’m so glad you became a reader of my blog! I hope to see you back often and read more of your comments! There’s lots of fun stuff to do (some not even heroin related!). So take a look and let me know what you think!
    Lots of Love!

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  13. Your post oozes with wisdom. The kind that I’m sure the recipient doesn’t want to hear… but will probably reflect on. I know I reflected on that myself and I’m only 22.
    The ‘wasted days,’ though… really makes me wonder if I’m te only one who does it differently. I don’t do my heroin to get wasted, I never have. Sometimes, you dose too much, and you nod off intro dreamland and it’s awesome but still feels like a waste of time. That irks me for the entirety of the nod – the wasted potential. The fact that I should be doing something but I’m too zonked out to do anything.
    Nay, I don’t get zonked – I use heroin therapeutically (to a degree. I’m giving myself more lenience than I should and I know it) because it curbs my anxiety, my depression, makes me sociable, and motivates me. That is – opiates basically rid me of the hindrances of my life and allow me to function an an extrapolated exponentially more productive level.
    I’ve heard tell from my friends that they live this way too, before they shoot up their whole dose and proceed to pass out. Such a waste of money… and it’s nto because my tolerance is too high and that I’m merely trying to get myself ‘well’ without being dopesick… I truly, genuinely, and honestly smoke heroin (notice that I smoke, never inject – this, I feel, would counteract any good intensions I have) because it makes me a more productive member of the planet. Oftentimes I’ll set a quote – “write two pages of your novel before you take your next hoot.” “finish a whole blog post before you open that second point.” etc.

    On a side – trying to persuade someone with the ‘lost opportunity of a career’ may not be the best way to coax them back into sobriety… lol

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  14. wow I totally just made a post saying that you should message me but that was from viewing your blog from a different angle… I didn’t realize how big this blog is! y’all probably don’t have time for lil’ old me.
    if you do though, let me know. i’m going through some REAL tough times addiction wise and could use someone who’s been down there to reach out to. nobody around heres so much as SEEN junk so I’ve really got nobody to talk to.

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  15. Although you won’t usually find me quoting The Big Book, I found something in there that certainly rang true for me. Let me start by saying I’ve been enjoying the fruits of the poppy since I was 13 years old off and on, I’m 59 now.. In the book it says something about starting up where we left off, and this is in reply to the person who asked, how long does it take to get sick? This certainly rings true for me. It seems these days that after I’ve used for only 2 or 3 days, I get sick, and it is quite severe these days, even though I use Methadone to try and eleviate this problem. The result is I am strung out on both substances and I have to use a lot more black, since there is no white dope around here. At least the one that comes from poppies, there is an awful amount of that other white dope but that is another story.

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